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75% Ruby Prime Time Bonus - Not Working Again - We demand a voucher



  • BraveManager1BraveManager1 Posts: 17
    edited 07.09.2012
    I bet the solution will be for another random slae because its fair i was online for both this one plus the 100% and i go no rubys
  • Rand3Rand3 Posts: 4
    edited 07.09.2012
    I too am disappointed. I'm not a huge ruby buyer. I generally bide my time waiting for a good sale when I get low. Unfortunately, the most recent 2 sale events (that I'm aware of) have completely blocked any attempts at purchase. I'm not a tech guy so I don't have any solutions to the problem, nor any profound insights as to how to fix it. But I simply don't understand the mentality of a game business that rewards spending real money, but then completely fails the players attempts to make said purchases. It is poor business practice at the very least; incompetency at its likeliest; and psychological manipulation at its worst.
    For the time being, I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and simply chalk it up to incompetency. But when your company fails its customers on such a widespread level, it is up to management to not only fix the problems but to additionally restore some level of trust and loyalty to the offended parties.
    You don't HAVE to do that - only if you want customer satisfaction and loyalty.
    Rand @ usa 1
  • harald the kingharald the king Posts: 1
    edited 07.09.2012
    i agree
    harald the king @ nl 1
  • TrichomeBrahTrichomeBrah Posts: 1
    edited 07.09.2012
    I thought GGS ran a stress test on a server, such an offer should not be available if it is not possible to deliver what is promised, for the second time already. The result is clearly annoyed customers. I suggest find a different approach or wait till the servers are upgraded.
  • Neave (US1)Neave (US1) Posts: 102
    edited 07.09.2012
    Rand3 wrote: »
    It is poor business practice at the very least; incompetency at its likeliest; and psychological manipulation at its worst.

    I couldn't have said it better myself.
    The only way to restore the loyalty of their customers right now is to apologize and provide everyone with a one-time voucher.

    The first time was bad enough. Waiting an entire week, for a 75% offer, which does not even work, is spitting on your customers. Nothing short of that.
    Neave @ usa 1
  • EDUDEEDUDE Posts: 26
    edited 07.09.2012
    Meh,,, this is longer a surprise to me. Get things right GG.
    EDUDE @ usa 1
  • Sir Goro III (BG1)Sir Goro III (BG1) Posts: 51
    edited 07.09.2012
    Hell no! Servers are crash once again? Guys you want money, please provide us connection! That serious piss me off.
    Sir Goro III @ bg 1
  • Emperor AshleyEmperor Ashley Posts: 8
    edited 07.09.2012
    The real question is why were any of you going to buy in this promotion until they give everyone vouchers for the 100% bonus that they screwed up? I won't be buying until I am able to get a 100% bonus. I told their support this, as did others I spoke to, and they just responded they don't know when the promotions will be. That isn't the point. They could do a hundred 100% bonus promotions, but if I miss it I don't care. They aren't getting a penny out of me until I am successful in buying at 100%. If everyone would say the same, tbonus hey would have to do it.

    By the way, I have too much pride to vote for these clowns in next years online game contest - I don't care how many bonus rubies they offer!
    Emperor Ashley @ WWW 1
  • edited 07.09.2012
    yeh..they should one time voucher.. i was waiting for this purchase but now its working for me...
  • MhevaMheva Posts: 6
    edited 07.09.2012
    I'm still having issues too. I'm really upset by this. Why is this issue persisting? I really hope GGS provide something because you guys will lose customers fast if this isn't resolve quickly as people become more fed up about this.
    Mheva @ en 1
  • Edy6Edy6 Posts: 3
    edited 07.09.2012
    it's just not fair.... if things remain like this then why should i waste my pocket money on game which has so many issues... it's already very difficult for newbies or lower-level players to survive without spending LOT of money, and then this kind of teasing from goodgame.... not fair !

    Edy @ au 1
  • FionaessFionaess Posts: 11
    edited 07.09.2012
    By the way, I have too much pride to vote for these clowns in next years online game contest - I don't care how many bonus rubies they offer!

    I totally agree with you - no vote from me next year - in fact I will make sure I vote for another company!!!
    Fionaess @ en 1
  • johnthedutchmanjohnthedutchman Posts: 1
    edited 07.09.2012
    Indeed, waiting so long for this deal, and again the store doens't work. I guess you goodgames guys don't want my 200 euros. What a pity, and in this way, you earn an lot less. Please send me a voucher too!!!
    johnthedutchman @ nl 1
  • Baldrick (GB1)Baldrick (GB1) Posts: 4,948
    edited 07.09.2012
    Is this game being run by the Keystone Cops?

    Seriously, after a major f*** up last weekend with the 100% bonus, they set a 75% bonus prime time for 6pm on a Friday! The very minute they finish work for the weekend. WTF?
    It's been a while.....

  • kingthomas (US1)kingthomas (US1) Posts: 377
    edited 07.09.2012
    Yeah I agree this getting really annoying.... Especially since the merchant is right outside our castles and I would like to buy some resources with rubies off him so I can build faster.... The pay site will probably be working again once the merchant leaves...
    kingthomas @ usa 1

    Alliance: Gives No Focks


    Quote: "We are either Kings' or Pawns' of men"
  • AmazingNikAmazingNik Posts: 13
    edited 07.09.2012
    And me Screwed up again ggs

    AmazingNik @ en 1
  • FionaessFionaess Posts: 11
    edited 07.09.2012
    Ohhh... mine have come through! How very strange
    Fionaess @ en 1
  • DennyWarriorDennyWarrior Posts: 11
    edited 07.09.2012
    Something needs to be done. All I get is a page in Japanese or some language similar. I need a voucher, or some way to buy rubies on the offer given as I only have 122 rubies at present...
    Make sure you know who I am 'dennywarrior', and I cannot be online 24 hours if you offer it for a limited time like usual, or I may miss it.
    This kinda stuff has happened twice to me......
    DennyWarrior @ usa 1
  • FionaessFionaess Posts: 11
    edited 07.09.2012
    I just kept pressing the reload and my rubies arrived ??
    Fionaess @ en 1
  • shortfuzeshortfuze Posts: 3
    edited 07.09.2012
    damn gge , a compensation of a free rubies bonus would be fair now dont ya think
    shortfuze @ nl 1
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