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Notepad for notes!



  • FlyingpigzFlyingpigz Posts: 294
    edited 26.08.2012
    What about an automatic log book, showing your last activities befroe leaving the the game, I know its along the same lines, but I find this to be most helpful in other games I play.

    BTW, CM Malreyn: I love that movie, it's hilarious.
  • LegoNenenLegoNenen Posts: 98
    edited 27.08.2012
    My idea is very needed, i forgot to build my Moat Lots of times just because i did not have a reminder!
  • Liberis2Liberis2 Posts: 24
    edited 19.01.2014
    Wow. I left the game and recently came back to it (with a new castle). I thought they may have introduced the 'notepad' (given other MMOs have it...) but I guess not :(
    CM Malreyn wrote: »
    Hi guys,

    Quite honestly i don't see this as being something the developers would actually put into the game. The amount of work that would go it to it most likely wouldn't be worth it considering the possibility of communicaing via an alliance welsite or using Windows Notepad.

    However, I can raise it at the next planning meeting and see what they say.


    Really?! It would involve so much code to place an individual notepad in the game for each player? They can put a character limit so it's only for small messages to yourself. It's not the same as a panel to be viewed by others.
  • Lord PorkyLord Porky Posts: 2,967
    edited 19.01.2014
    Just send yourself a message.
  • 650.000
  • wot
  • flug (NL1)flug (NL1) NL1 Posts: 1,814
    ow that is so easy,

    put a reminder on your chat, ask a member to copy it en send it in a PM  back to you :)

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