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Great tournament?

SuperbRulerSuperbRuler Posts: 9
I just got the great tournament tent at my castle and the only choices for battle are against castles that I can in no way defeat. How am I supposed to have a chance at the top 100 even?
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SuperbRuler @ usa 1


  • NeymarPlayerNeymarPlayer Posts: 142
    edited 08.08.2012
    keep attacking to get glory i only have 37 and im in the top 100
  • LOL LOL2LOL LOL2 Posts: 566
    edited 08.08.2012
    you need to get tons of glory points thats all
  • LukeWarriorLukeWarrior Posts: 305
    edited 08.08.2012
    You can attack ANYONE get glory points NOW

    I quit the game.
  • BSeliger (US1)BSeliger (US1) Posts: 78
    edited 08.08.2012
    those aren't your options...I thought that at first too you just have to attack anyone on the map. that is the top three people in the tournament. on the bottom right it says your glory and place in the standings.
  • PeterKlintingPeterKlinting Posts: 336
    edited 08.08.2012
    You will also receive glory points if you win/lose an attack against you... I got 16 gp from it
    Always remember to enjoy the game

    PeterKlinting @ international 1
  • edited 08.08.2012
    i swear it was a waste i earned 1241 glory points and like 1 hour later the tent appears and i lost like half my soliders in that battle!

    Been playing since 2012.

    Huzaifa Memon @ WWW 1

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