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building upgrade or repair clock

the champconqthe champconq Posts: 190
i think there should be clocks that you can see counting down how much longer til the first building of each castle will finish so when you on the map you know where to go to when something ends instead of constantly checking.
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shadow heros the first division of the shadow family and the head division


  • f87f87 Posts: 139
    edited 02.08.2012
    Do you mean of your own castles or also from other players?

    This became not clear when I was reading your post.
    f87 @ nl 1
  • the champconqthe champconq Posts: 190
    edited 03.08.2012
    of your own castle
    shadow heros the first division of the shadow family and the head division
  • naca7naca7 Posts: 82
    edited 04.08.2012
    yah that would be really nice if what you meant was on your main castle and outposts and castles in the other kingdoms.
    naca7 @ WWW 1
  • BobFighter834 (INT2)BobFighter834 (INT2) Posts: 2,762
    edited 04.08.2012
    It should only appear if you actually have something building in that castle.

    For example, at the moment, I would have my construction slots showing on the world map for my main castle, my second outpost and my castle in Everwinter Glacier.
    BobFighter834 - International 2.

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  • PeterKlintingPeterKlinting Posts: 336
    edited 04.08.2012
    That's a really good suggestion

    5 stars :D
    Always remember to enjoy the game

    PeterKlinting @ international 1

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