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Need help with melee / ranged soldiers... which is which when I want to attack...

rizzogirlrizzogirl Posts: 37
?(Now I'm at a reasonable level 9 or 10, I have to plan my attacks more carefully - twice now I've lost a complete army of 30 (during the MAP adventure treasure castle)as I used the wrong soldiers in the wrong positions :( The game help tells me which soldiers are good against melee / ranged soldiers BUT which ones are the melee and which are the ranged. I can't find a thread with the info on. Can anyone put me straight...?

I guessed there are two types of melee and two types of ranged at this level

Also how do I work out which of my Macemen are two handled swordsmen from the simple macemen or are they all the same once you have created a certain number of them?
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  • f87f87 Posts: 139
    edited 25.07.2012
    melee solders fights with swords and can't fight the enemy from a distance
    ranged solders use arrows and a bow and can fight the enemy from a distance
    f87 @ nl 1
  • edited 25.07.2012
    Attack melee
    Attack ranged
  • xJadetsssxxJadetsssx Posts: 5,983
    edited 25.07.2012
    at level 10 you have 4 soldiers Unlocked I think, you have the Macemans, Spearmans, Bowmans and Crossbowmans
    The Maceman is a Melee attacker, effective against Ranged defenders such as Bowmans
    The Crossbowman is a Ranged attacker, effective agasint melee defenders such as spearman
    The Spearman is a Melee Defender
    and the Bowman is a Ranged defender

    and your macemans are exactly that, Macemans, even if you have 500 macemans they will keep being Macemans, if you want Two handed swordsman you must have a level 4 barracks to Unlock and recruit them ;)
    Does this looks like the face of mercy?

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    xJadetsssx @ Ɩ ǝsɹǝʌıun
  • ironhideeironhidee Posts: 80
    edited 26.07.2012
    I am on level 11 and planning to attack a RBC.But when i do an espionage i see that there are 20 crossbows on the center.Which soldiers are good against the crossbows?I was thinking of using 30 Crossbows to counter them.Am i right?
    ironhidee @ www 1
  • Haider64463Haider64463 Posts: 9
    edited 29.07.2012
    Hey there all, I'm on level 37, In a combat report ranged attackers attack efficiently against melee defenders remember this as when you open recruit above the close button there is a question mark and its written there, and if you want to attack somebody please plan you attack nicely with the melee and ranged soldiers as see in the espionage report. Siege tools are effective and by the help of them you can save your soldiers.
    Haider64463 @ WWW 1
  • Haider64463Haider64463 Posts: 9
    edited 29.07.2012
    just at the left and right fllanks place 10 scalling ladders each and 5 battering ram in the frontal. and 10 soldiers in the left flank and 15 in the frontal and 13 in the right flank. Try this it will be good
    Haider64463 @ WWW 1
  • SqueakercheeseSqueakercheese Posts: 31
    edited 01.08.2012
    Use macemen when attacking: Maceman, bowman
    Use crossbowman when attacking: crossbowman, spearman
    Use either against farmers.
    Squeakercheese @ United States 1 and International 1
  • JzcoolJzcool Posts: 19
    edited 01.08.2012
    Confused, all you should have at lv 13 is: Spearmen, crossbowmen, macemen and bowman.But I'll draw a whole table for you.

    Spearmen are good against Macemen and Swordmen ( Defensive)
    Macemen are good against Archers and Bowmen. (Offensive)
    Bowmen are good against Crossbowmen. ( Defensive)
    Crossbowmen are good against Spearmen. ( Offensive)

    You don't unlock archers and swordmen until later on.

    Archers are okish against all offensive troops.
    Swordmen are okayish against both defense and attacking.

    You don't unlock Longbowmen, Haliberders, Heavy Crossbowmen and Two Handed Swords until Barracks Lv 4 &5.

    Longbowmen are good agianst Heavy Crossbowmen, Crossbowmen ( Defensive)
    Haliberdiers are good agianst Two Handed Swords Macemen and Swordmen. ( Defensive)
    Two Handed Swords are good against Longbowmen, Archers and Bowmen ( Offensive)
    Heavy Crossbowmen are good against Spearmen, Haliberdiers, Swordmen

    Hope this helps.
  • ToTheMaxToTheMax Posts: 44
    edited 03.08.2012
    Thanks, it helped!
  • Duterte (INT1)Duterte (INT1) Posts: 179
    edited 10.08.2012
    rizzogirl wrote: »
    Also how do I work out which of my Macemen are two handled swordsmen from the simple macemen or are they all the same once you have created a certain number of them?

    I suppose this kind of question would've been avoided if the quests in early levels are not phrased something like "Recruit 5 maceman / two-handed swordsman" where the only available option for clicking is the maceman hence (probably) causing the confusion of (some) newbies that the recruit maceman button can produce both types when in reality the two-handed swordsman will only be available for recruitment when Barracks Level 4 is reached.
    BraveHeart @ au 1
    edited 14.08.2012
    swordsmen r a waste of cash, as they r not even moderately strong in any field
    LONDON @ en 1
  • BobFighter834 (INT2)BobFighter834 (INT2) Posts: 2,762
    edited 14.08.2012
    LONDON wrote: »
    swordsmen r a waste of cash, as they r not even moderately strong in any field

    They really wasted an opportunity there - they could have made veteran swordsmen or stronger swordsmen, but the current ones are rubbish.
    BobFighter834 - International 2.

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