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bagofricebagofrice Posts: 110
The catapult would be a new tool that could be used 5 times.
It would be expensive and slow. This how you would use it:

After building a catapult, you could click anywhere on the world map to set up a catapult there. You could send soldiers to defend it too. Next you choose a neighboring castle (near the catapult) that would be the target.

The catapult will keep bombarding the target castle,causing buildings to burn and weakening the walls, as long as it is there. Anyone can try to capture your catapult by attacking it and defeating all defending soldiers. Whoever captures a catapult could use it as he/she wishes (the catapult has a maximum of 5 uses).

You could also enhance your catapult with the research tower

Rubies buyers could buy a trebuchet (same thing but more powerful)
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bagofrice @ WWW 2


  • DClucasDClucas Posts: 159
    edited 12.05.2012
    This sounds like a great idea :D Much like they once did with castles long ago. it would be a good addition to the game.

    Who said there should be more ways to get rubies and coins?

    Level 60 :)
    International 2
    Alliance: Black Legion
  • Luke FieryswordLuke Fierysword Posts: 2,290
    edited 12.05.2012
    great idea, would be a great tool to softening up a real player's outpost's defenses before capturing it.
    Roman Empire

    Ambition Courage Loyalty
  • bagofricebagofrice Posts: 110
    edited 15.05.2012
    that is what i had in mind.
    Thanks for your support guys

    I asked a moderator to look at this, he said he would forward it to others.
    So we might get the catapult update!
    bagofrice @ WWW 2
  • nanye18nanye18 Posts: 2
    edited 17.05.2012
    yeah but wouldn't it eventually have to be destroyed... otherwise there would be a million catapults on the map.
    Good Luck Have Fun!:)
  • contrilioncontrilion Posts: 328
    edited 17.05.2012
    yeah and catapults were never far from the castle they attacked they are not very long ranged back then the trebuchet how ever can throw much further and do more damage but is harder to move around because it must be moved set up then packed up and moved unlike the catapult that is on wheels that just slowly pushed around but yeah this is a good concept and i bet the map would be full of them and Rubie players would have an army of them there should be a limit of them you can have alive fighting for you at the one time and they should be able to help defend them self's too
    contrilion @ WWW 1
    level 70 legend
    HELL BOYS!!!

  • Luke FieryswordLuke Fierysword Posts: 2,290
    edited 17.05.2012
    But there should also be some sort of defense tools against catapults to balance it out or else there's no need for soldiers if you can just send three catapults to one place and knock it out.
    Roman Empire

    Ambition Courage Loyalty
  • bagofricebagofrice Posts: 110
    edited 21.05.2012
    You would need the soldiers to destroy/capture the catapults.

    A way to make sure that the catapults don't remain for ever is that as long as you have a catapult posted you loose a lot of stone /day

    Does anybody else have suggestions?
    bagofrice @ WWW 2
  • DamianFighterDamianFighter Posts: 65
    edited 22.05.2012
    i think the catapults should be in the arsenal of normal attack tools like scaling ladders. it is too complicated to place them on the map.
    DamianFighter @ WWW 2
  • masterduke74masterduke74 Posts: 28
    edited 23.05.2012
    it would take away 80% of wall defense:(sorry for the person defending
    masterduke74 @ Goddgame world2
  • bagofricebagofrice Posts: 110
    edited 31.07.2012
    In the medieval times a big part of attacks consisted of weakening the walls.
    We should have something similar:
    Catapults are the normal tools
    Trebuchets are the rubies tools and
    Wall mining (digging the foundation of the castle) are the armorers tools.

    The tools would need a long time to be in effect (it might take 6 hours to weaken a wall)
    These tools could attack enemies and damage the walls. However the defender could fix the walls and attack these tools.

    Thread merged with one on similar topic - Bunzy
    bagofrice @ WWW 2
  • mathhead2mathhead2 Posts: 76
    edited 31.07.2012
    nice i dont like the 6 hour thing
    proud general of Spartan Camelot and a proud member of camelot
  • edited 31.07.2012
    Two threads merged basically on same topic. Please carry on the discussion.

    The idea of a catapult was previously discussed. http://en.board.goodgamestudios.com/empire/showthread.php?14665-Catapult If you wish a thread reopened in order to continue a discussion please PM a member of the board team.
  • MaximusKliethMaximusKlieth Posts: 30
    edited 31.07.2012
    Catapult should be a strong tool but not an outpost!
    I am required to kill so I kill, that is enough.
  • edited 31.07.2012
    Hello MaximusKlieth, please elaborate on not an outpost? As there was no talk of outpost. Do you mean that this tool should not be available in an outpost?
  • ToTheMaxToTheMax Posts: 44
    edited 01.08.2012
    So that way all the big players can destroy the weak ones?
  • Syndrome15Syndrome15 Posts: 42
    edited 01.08.2012
    this is a good idea, obviously i would never use it because i am friends with everyone near me
    Syndrome15 @ WWW 2
  • DarkBarbariansDarkBarbarians Posts: 5
    edited 01.08.2012
    good idea-i think it should be easy to destroy the catapult but you can place defenders by it which would lessen the attack but be harder to destroy
    DarkBarbarians @ usa 1
  • the champconqthe champconq Posts: 190
    edited 02.08.2012
    it should be used as just a seige weapon that increases attack strenth
    shadow heros the first division of the shadow family and the head division
  • DellowDellow Posts: 1
    edited 03.08.2012
    Nice idea needs developing ..
    Dellow @ en 1
  • bagofricebagofrice Posts: 110
    edited 05.08.2012
    As the catapult needs to be defended it could give the defenders of a castle something to do. Usually we just leave them in our castles the whole time. It would also add a strategic element to the game
    bagofrice @ WWW 2

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