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AmazingBob5AmazingBob5 Posts: 82
There should be rain where if your troops, or an opponents troops, go into the storm they will be slowed down. So, for example, if your troops are traveling 50 units that takes one hour and they run into a storm that is over the troops for half of the journey, they will take 1 hour and 30 minutes. Rain increases food production by 10%.

Other weather will be included, too.

Tornado: Creates a little rubble at castles near it. Kills all troops. Lasts about 5-30 minutes. Destroys 100-10,000 food in castles near it, how high of a level will determine how many crops are destroyd; you use more food to re-plant seeds.
Fires: Puts a little bit of fires on castles which it lands on. Rain puts fires out. Troops go around the fire. They will last for up to 3 days.
Earthquakes: Puts a random amount of damage to some buildings within 5-50 units of the epicenter of the earthquake. Kills all troops within 10 miles of earthquake for the first 10 minutes of the earthquake. Can create fires. Size of earthquakes will be pre-determined by GGS before each earthquake. Size of earthquake will determine how many buildings will be damaged and how much the buildings will be damaged.
The research tower can help you detect, track, and predict storms.
What do you think?

Renember to vote.
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  • DarkMonicaDarkMonica Posts: 195
    edited 30.07.2012
    why make them go even slower than they already do? I can't imagine trying to coordinate a huge strike on a target when you have to also account for the weather as well. A firm and resounding "NO" from me.
    DarkMonica @ usa 1
  • AmazingBob5AmazingBob5 Posts: 82
    edited 30.07.2012
    Then, use the research tower part of it I just thought of. :)
    AmazingBob5 @ WWW 1
  • Syndrome15Syndrome15 Posts: 42
    edited 30.07.2012
    worst idea ever
    Syndrome15 @ WWW 2
  • Luke FieryswordLuke Fierysword Posts: 2,290
    edited 30.07.2012
    No not really....too harsh
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  • 12kroko12kroko Posts: 243
    edited 30.07.2012
    wont happened
    12kroko @ WWW 1
  • AmazingBob5AmazingBob5 Posts: 82
    edited 30.07.2012
    Okay, then. close this thread.
    AmazingBob5 @ WWW 1
  • ~Farsight~~Farsight~ Posts: 852
    edited 30.07.2012
    no noo this is ok
    it is too harsh but ok
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  • the champconqthe champconq Posts: 190
    edited 30.07.2012
    its just needs to be tweak a little a lot of people had the idea of weather also to make it more realistic
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