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Do the treasure Maps

musay69musay69 Posts: 232
If you do the treasure maps the robber barons in the map offer so much loot and when you get to the treasure castle you get even more loot and a special Decorative item
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  • Punk Thug (US1)Punk Thug (US1) Posts: 433
    edited 18.07.2012
    I haven't unlocked them yet, but do I have to do anything special to get the maps?
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  • SqueakercheeseSqueakercheese Posts: 31
    edited 20.07.2012
    When you unlock the map, you will occasionally obtain map pieces from robber barons.
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  • HamfastHamfast Posts: 1
    edited 25.07.2012
    Yep, just keep attacking robber barons, they have a random drop of a map piece. once you get all the map pieces then you can do the adventure. The relics at the end are high public order bonuses.
    Hamfast @ usa 1
  • ToTheMaxToTheMax Posts: 44
    edited 03.08.2012
    One more good thing out of robber barons :)
  • PeterKlintingPeterKlinting Posts: 336
    edited 04.08.2012
    On the first map, you only have to find 2 pieces to complete it
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  • DClucasDClucas Posts: 159
    edited 05.08.2012
    i manage to get a map piece every 2-3 barons, usually from level 7 robber barons upwards

    Edit: plus they only have about 2 defenders each at that stage.

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  • Ian9years (US1)Ian9years (US1) US1 Posts: 128
    In my case, I think that the last castle (treasure castle) doesn't give you anything besides the decorative item. 
    Please correct me if I am wrong.
  • Kiwikiler95 (AU1)Kiwikiler95 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 419
    nice bit of necromancy right there foul magic indeed bringing back the dead
  • hge (US1)hge (US1) Posts: 986
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    You can tag fried:)

    Thanks. :P
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