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New building

Aldreni-WarriorAldreni-Warrior Posts: 153
I have an idea,

Why we dont make a new building in wich we can put our coins and save them, or rubbies or resources.

It will work like a bank:
Example: You put 1,000$ and you cannot take them for 1year, but then you will get +10%= 1,100$

About Empire we will make like this:
Example: If you save them:
Save them 1 day: +1%
Save them for 1 week: 5%
Save them for 1 month: 10%
Save them for 3 months: 25%

So maybe you have a big load of Stone, and you dont know where to use them, so you put them for 1week, so when you will need them after 1 week, you will have the same stone + 5%. But you cannot take them back since they will not make the exact time(On this example is 1week).

You can do it with rubbies:
You have 500rubbies:
You wanna save them for 1month: 500 + 10% = 550, like this you will save your things and use them after some days/weeks/months

Or when you have a big load of coins:
You wanna save 200,000Coins
You put them for 3months(Because you have enough and you will not need those 200,000Coins for 3months) so: 200,000 + 25% = 250,000Coins

I will put a poll, so everybody put their vote.

And think any kind of name for the building if GGS decides to aprove it!
I think it is more like a Bank!
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  • DarknessGhostDarknessGhost Posts: 433
    edited 15.07.2012
    i put 1000 coins and get 100 bonus next year?? lol?

    i can get that in 10mins -.-
    Darknessghost @ en1
  • the champconqthe champconq Posts: 190
    edited 15.07.2012
    its a good thought but you could just donate them to your alliance
    shadow heros the first division of the shadow family and the head division
  • SqueakercheeseSqueakercheese Posts: 31
    edited 16.07.2012
    If it was like this, your resources should have a bigger percent increase over time. Example: If I put in and removed my stuff daily, I would get 25%/week, rather than 5%/week. Maybe they could have factors to increase, like an alliance, except for each player. It might work with some thought put into it.
    Squeakercheese @ United States 1 and International 1
  • the champconqthe champconq Posts: 190
    edited 16.07.2012
    i don't think it could work for this game because there is really no use
    shadow heros the first division of the shadow family and the head division
  • Danger1602Danger1602 Posts: 633
    edited 16.07.2012
    this is a great idea!!!!
    Danger1602 World 1
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  • DarkMonicaDarkMonica Posts: 195
    edited 16.07.2012
    I don't think storing the supplies is the goal of the game--having enough to build is--and waking up to a castle that is not on fire is bonus.
    DarkMonica @ usa 1
  • warlord32warlord32 Posts: 11
    edited 16.07.2012
    lol he said that it will be 1 day 1 week 1 month and 3month and u could also put resources and rubies
    warlord3 @ WWW 1
  • 12kroko12kroko Posts: 243
    edited 16.07.2012
    pretty good idea
    12kroko @ WWW 1
  • naca7naca7 Posts: 82
    edited 16.07.2012
    this is a good idea but i dont agree with the rubie part cause then no one will buy rubies
    naca7 @ WWW 1
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0
    edited 16.07.2012
    It defeats the point of a storage limit though.
  • BossdudeBossdude Posts: 386
    edited 16.07.2012
    does the bank protect resources that would have been stolen if someone attacks you?
    Who's boss now?????:D
    Bossdude @ International 2
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