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reasoure villages

edwardromoruleredwardromoruler Posts: 189
I just got a rv in the ever winter glaciers. I just found out you can send a attack from a rv. So I am suggesting that if you can send a agent from a resource village.
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  • UrbaneCrib0UrbaneCrib0 Posts: 494
    edited 31.08.2013
    Be careful, some alliances don't allow attacking from RVs. I think it's stupid but just read the description to make sure.
    UrbaneCrib0 @usa1, Proud Treasurer of "The Best" alliance... Victorious!

    Who agrees with this suggestion:
  • Sirlancelot2020Sirlancelot2020 Posts: 8,782
    edited 31.08.2013
    I guess that wouldn't be to mutch of a problem.But I dunno I lost all my RVs
  • darren61 (AU1)darren61 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 4
    edited 31.08.2013
    it would appear that unless you are a member of a larger alliance resource villages are hard to get and hold
    cheers Darren

    got given one by a large alliance member thanks by the way

    lost it within month by another alliance who were too much for me to compete with

    cheer Darren

    no sour grapes just stating a fact

    when we are part of a large alliance it may change

    I'll let you know
    darren61 @ au 1
  • rulernbrown2rulernbrown2 Posts: 1,009
    edited 31.08.2013
    if it wasent for that stupit unwritten rule I would be tearing across everwinter and burning sands on RV spree
    Helms flag
    Rulernbrown2 @ usa1 smiley-computer008.gif

    level 50

  • edwardromoruleredwardromoruler Posts: 189
    edited 02.09.2013
    What I am saying is if you do get a rv, you have the send a agent from it.
  • Billy962Billy962 Posts: 7,420
    edited 02.09.2013
    if it wasent for that stupit unwritten rule I would be tearing across everwinter and burning sands on RV spree

    Even if the rule wasn't there, alliances would probably still pound you.


    (Mix of ruby/armorer tools)


    GGE is always trying to get players to buy rubies, and to do that, comes up with horrible updates. Put this in your siggy if you agree.
    Billy, I will crack you.

    R.I.P. in peace Billy962, King of the forums ;_;

  • ARAKISARAKIS Posts: 28
    edited 02.09.2013
    I have literally searched everywhere within a 150 mi radius of my castle on the ice and found one, just one, RV...sent out troops to occupy, 146 mi away...and it was taken by the time my troops got there. BS! virtually impossible to get an RV up there....thinking of just transferring all resources and abandoning the ice, recommending to my alliance to do the same, takes the fun out making it so difficult to even find one, let along hold it as I am hearing.
    ARAKIS @ usa 1
  • Sigma RageSigma Rage Posts: 212
    edited 02.09.2013
    I think only one other person has responded to the actual topic that this thread concerns; being able to launch agents from resource villages.

    Would this include sabotage as well as espionage?
    May your swords stay sharp and your shields strong.

    "Even in war I keep my code of ethics and personal code of honor intact. For what are we in war but our truest selves, be we cowards, heroes, or butchers." - unknown?
  • alexeptionalalexeptional Posts: 498
    edited 02.09.2013
    @ARAKIS everyone has been in EXACTLY the same position as you, be patient, lvl up a bit so u can get in a bigger alliance, look forplayers in ruins who still own RVs, buy wolves to travel faster and have at least one "speed" commander to travel even quicker. if you are a ruby player, then upgrade stables too and buy the best possibly horses. I'm a non ruby player and I'm maxed out, you just need to wait a bit to gain strength in ice, when you are further along the game, you will see that ice is possibly the most important world, you can hold huge amounts of troops there (over 1000) without too much difficulty <cough> rant over at impatient noobs...

    @the original suggestion (which barely anyone seems to have looked at) I don't think this should happen for the same reason that alliances pound you if u attack from an RV 5 clicks away from them, it's just unfair, and very powerful players can simply get a few RVs around a player and constantly spy them for updates whilst still sending their attack from their main castle or bombard them with sabotage.

    oh, and there seemed to be some confusion over this unwritten rule of not attacking from RVs >5 clicks from the target and taking RVs in general so;

    the unwritten rule is just that, you can do it if you wish (and many people do) but of course no one like being on the receiving end of that, so big alliances will often take the RV the attack is coming from as punishment.

    it is considered by most players that it is "not the done thing" to take occupied RVs, however, lower down the ranks in ice, sometimes you can get away with itas they are not in bigger alliances.
    alexeptional @ en 1

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