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What is the hardest video Game????

TheKnightofAweTheKnightofAwe Posts: 278
edited 08.01.2014 in Off Topic
Whats the hardest game you ever played? Game that made you throw down your controller and rage like no tomorrow? Post them here!

I'll start it off the hardest game I ever play was Fight Night against the final boxer Isaac Frost ( He's 6'7 256 pound monster).

Whats yours?
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Whats your hardest video game? Say it here!

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  • Oreo8Oreo8 Posts: 64
    edited 09.07.2013
    Super Mario Bros. Darn you Bowser!
    Oreo @ Int1

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    But Roses can also be white
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  • Sgt. HammerSgt. Hammer Posts: 1,642
    edited 09.07.2013
    Red Dead Redemption, completing the hunting challenges. Me no gusta.
  • blabbyblabby Posts: 564
    edited 09.07.2013
    Fight night Champion with Issac Frost. Hands Down.
    Canada 1 #TheDreamLivesOn
    Blabby @ WWW 1
  • King DooooooomKing Dooooooom Posts: 2,015
    edited 10.07.2013
    King Doom would have to say Portal 2,

    Final Fantasy Tatics,

    and Mario 64 (getting all the stars, pain in the BUTT! but the game is fun.)


    King Dooooooom! lv. 68! @ INT 2.
  • stokie52stokie52 Posts: 80
    edited 10.07.2013
    Ninja Gaiden on original x-box, gggrrrrrrrr
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]stokie5 @ en 1
  • lime_yogurtlime_yogurt Posts: 1,045
    edited 10.07.2013
    Super Mario bros. 3! Why do games for the nes be so hard!
    Maker of RPGs. Check 'em out!

    Wizard and Leader of JMDnO, not taking applications.

    lime_yogurt @ usa 1
  • superturbo4superturbo4 Posts: 424
    edited 10.07.2013
    banjo kazooie nuts and bolts
    Superturbo4 @ Usa1 level 61. #Thedreamliveson

    ''How'd I get over there?''
  • FamousGold (US1)FamousGold (US1) Posts: 337
    edited 10.07.2013
    Tetris, nuff said
    FamousGold @ usa 1
  • famous nadinfamous nadin Posts: 335
    edited 11.07.2013
    the worlds hardest game is the 1 the seconf lvl is so hard too and it has over 50 lvls
    counting on my fingers no one beats me till now,waiting for a true warrior that will fight me8):D;):(
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  • sfarmsfarm Posts: 921
    edited 11.07.2013
    what about the worlds hardest game ive seen people try it and fail halfway
    my deviations
    find me on the link above o3o
  • derkaderderkader Posts: 765
    edited 12.07.2013
    lol black ops 2 when i get killed and rage quit lol
  • swag like ohio3swag like ohio3 Posts: 1,853
    edited 12.07.2013
    Dark Souls. You can accidentally kill someone who sells something you'll need later and you can't progress through game. LOL best game eva!
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] Destiny Awaits...
  • Mrs CannabisMrs Cannabis Posts: 194
    edited 12.07.2013

    for the comp. ofc.
    Its not, " Hi, how are you?" its " How high are you?"
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    So while you busy tyrna fit in, I'm a stand out"

  • AldiarAldiar Posts: 149
    edited 12.07.2013
    The hardest game I ever played was Minesweeper.It sucks
    Aldiar @ usa 1
  • black273black273 Posts: 290
    edited 13.07.2013
    super mario bros, world 8 I can't even pass the FIRST level LOL
    sign_etolsbwsoe1438.png <- a box with a x in it hmmm usa 1 <- im not from usa
  • WisefireWisefire Posts: 2,941
    edited 13.07.2013
    Prototype 3
    Level:64 Alliance:EASTERN EMPIRE Title:Elector
    "If love is BLIND then what is love at first SIGHT?"
  • NyanthanNyanthan Posts: 826
    edited 13.07.2013
    Any FIFA game on World Class... they always score those annoying sweaty goals!!! ARGHH!!!

    And Topspin 4 on Expert...everytime you crack a forehand cross court they get to it and strike it back hard and flat which makes me lose the point or forces me onto the defence!

    And and NBA game on Hall of Fame... I get so many turnovers that don't count! And I miss wide open 3s with perfect release and everything!
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] In au1 (level 32) and WWW1 (level 14)
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  • Billy962Billy962 Posts: 7,420
    edited 14.07.2013
    Desert bus. You have to play for 8 hours straight on a desert road. Nothing to do, just hold the steering wheel. But if you let it go it turns to the right. There is no pause button. And if your bus goes off the road you have to start over and do the 8 hours again.


    (Mix of ruby/armorer tools)


    GGE is always trying to get players to buy rubies, and to do that, comes up with horrible updates. Put this in your siggy if you agree.
    Billy, I will crack you.

    R.I.P. in peace Billy962, King of the forums ;_;

  • DemonIsaiahDemonIsaiah Posts: 8
    edited 30.07.2013
    Metroid Prime 3 Corruption and COD Black ops there are some glitches
    HardcoreGamer, Wisecracker, and DemonKnight, Isacc8)
    Btw, want this guy? then pay me 15000 rubies (in your imaginary mind.)
    Not satisfied with your strong trooper? then see what the demon horror should of REALLY looked like: file:///C:/Users/TS/Downloads/demonhorrortrue.png
  • Sirlancelot2020Sirlancelot2020 Posts: 8,782
    edited 30.07.2013
    Mine was actualy part of a video game...
    Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2...
    If anybody has played it they will know about how hard this is...
    I had to do a 1 V 5 fight...I played as Chiatzou(yes Chiatzou...) and I fought: Hatchiyack,SSJ3 Broly,LSSJ Broly...,Kid Buu,and finaly Vegito... I tried it 5 times and rage-quit 4x....then on the 5th time I won...

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