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Using protection mode to lock in spot on the ranking boards.



  • useranonymoususeranonymous Posts: 2
    edited 20.07.2013
    once they get out, prime legends should waste them

    I may be new here, but just by reading some of these posts, I wonder if there may be another side to this than perhaps anyone wants to admit to.

    I completely agree that someone being in protection should be hidden from the rankings, so the top spot cannot be quickly gained and held by one or two members in protection mode. If any members are in protection mode, their honor should also not be calculated in their alliance's average either - so no matter how big or small the alliance may be, those in protection do not count toward boosting or lowering ranking.

    But I also think that it is also possible that those sitting in protection did not "luck" into their honor as has been accused, but perhaps were constantly bullied, attacked, and harrassed into their honor by large or top ranked alliances on the map, and were forced to go into protection just to have a breath to recoup from the constant barraging they were getting every single day. The comment made about "wasting them", along with a few things I've heard about this game in the real world, makes me highly suspect that this could very well be the case for many players. Anyone who pummels an entire alliance into the ground is a bully - especially for something as silly as ranking - plain and simple. A clean point can be made by a well done attack or higher rank of their own achieved by successfully attacking one player one time, but pummeling into the ground.... "wasting them" , constantly and incessantly attacking them, and going out of their way to destroy them completely… thats taking anything too far.

    I also think that anyone who has something or anything to lose in this game would never dare speak up their own opinion here in the forums, because most likely, huge retaliation would most likely ensue from the large alliances who may take offense. Anyone who is threatened to be 'wasted' ...well, that definitely deters from open discussion.
    useranonymous @ usa 1
  • jaze4jaze4 Posts: 48
    edited 20.07.2013
    This is a good idea
  • magicsss17magicsss17 Posts: 549
    edited 21.07.2013
    well part of the issue is honor is kind of meaningless. They have improved it from its old status but there is no real reason to both get and keep honor. If you reside at the top you will gain horrors but usually the top few reside in the same alliance or are allies and to even use these men results in being knocked out of the top.

    It is a flawed system imo. The horrors are a great reason to advance to the top but are usually meaningless to those who do advance that high because many of them play defense to get there. The honor system should be changed.

    Also I'm quite in favor of a penalty for protection as we already have a few penalties for open gates. Its a nice tool, but should only be used when you are away from the game or maybe to help yourself rebuild after a great loss.
    magicsss17 @ WWW 1
  • Dun Gon (INT2)Dun Gon (INT2) Posts: 3,656
    edited 21.07.2013
    Adog420 wrote: »
    Anyone or alliance that is in protection mode should not show up on the ranking boards at all until they are out of protection mode.

    This is kind of ridiculas that the rankings spots are filled with people that dont even play the game just log on to continue thier protection mode. This has been abused long enough and time for it to be fixed please :)

    Well, more rubies for GGE right? Protection mode keep being restored equals more rubies...
    Dun Gon @ WWW 2
    Retired from duties in September 2015.

    Once Leader of Phoenix Sword and the once prominent alliance empire, Phoenix. Proud member of now collapsed OU. All organizations mentioned above have collapsed or merged into other prominent alliances since. Co-founder of the Force family.

    "I have seen many wars fought through my four years on this server. I have seen families rise and fall. I have been members of prominent organizations in International 1 and International 2, and have played in United States 1 with my forum buddies as well. It has shown me many things, but mainly that every action that is partaken in this game and in the world can only be deemed right or wrong depending upon your perspective. Never pass the blame, fight hard to succeed. As a non-ruby player, I managed to create and nurture not one but two of the most successful alliance families in International 2. Believe, there is always another path. Success is determined by the amount of effort you are willing to put in"

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