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Reason behind your username.

FamousZack9FamousZack9 Posts: 2,943
edited 13.10.2013 in Off Topic
Me and Hanzolo started talking to each other then we both realize, why did we choose are username. This is simple as pie, just give us a reason why you came up with your username.

Famouszack9: I did this because my real name is zack and just added Famous, then picked 9 because its my favorite single digit number.

KingZack9: Said king just because of England.
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  • Molson Beer (US1)Molson Beer (US1) US1 Posts: 8,443
    edited 25.06.2013
    Well,I've been hiding this all my life.I chose Hanzolo....because of my love for Star Wars,and my favourite character,Han Solo.

    I know,I know,y'all never knew,but I have lifted the shadows from your eyes! The secret is out!

    And by "we talked to each other",I just gave him the idea and told him to start the thread.
  • edited 25.06.2013
    Well i start with an r and you then gotta roll of your tongue aza and end it with a little ali the third like Robert griffen u feel? Put it all together and u get
  • NyanthanNyanthan Posts: 826
    edited 25.06.2013
    My real name is 'Nathan' (as some of you can guess) and I like nyan cat so...

    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] In au1 (level 32) and WWW1 (level 14)
    I like sporks. :D My thread - Top 5 anything http://en.board.goodgamestudios.com/empire/showthread.php?72953-Top-5-Anything!:D
  • ChampionJan8ChampionJan8 Posts: 294
    edited 25.06.2013
    I'm a Champion
    Jan is my popular nickname
    the one thing me and 8 have in common is that when we lie on our sides we are there for infinity(do you get it?An 8 on its side is infinity)
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Monkeys are not psycho anymore. They are psychic!!!!!!!!!

    Proud sergant of LOF:Knightmares
  • JonBerserk7 (US1)JonBerserk7 (US1) Posts: 9,135
    edited 25.06.2013
    Mine is actually quite boring, GGE suggested it for me when I typed in Jon and that was already taken. I picked it out of the list, because quite simply, it was the only one with the number 7 in it, and 7 is my favorite number
    JonBerserk7 @ usa 1
  • NationConquerorNationConqueror Posts: 2,273
    edited 25.06.2013
    Well, considering that this is a war game, my username is pretty straightforward. I conquer because that's the point of the game, add the nation because they are nations that I will be conquering, and you get NationConqueror. No idea why I didn't add a space between the words.
    Stars of the Desert
    In the desert by day, drought and dreadful blistering seas of fire-sand leech the life out of those with brittle wills. However, not all that is terrible such as this sea of flames is wholly horrendous. He who has survived the day will find refuge in the desert at night, with cool air and the many stars of the sky to keep him company.

    The stars shall guide us to the oasis, to sanctuary, to refuge. We have no reason to fear.
  • Barnacleez (US1)Barnacleez (US1) Posts: 2,833
    edited 25.06.2013
    The reason behind the name "Barnacleez" is actually from a FoxTrot strip in which Jason and Paige are playing Dungeons and Dragons. Paige liked the name "Lisa Marie", but Jason didn't. He said,"Paige, you have to pick COOL names, names like Barnacleez the Avenger, Ramulus the Hunted, and Norad the Mighty!!!" There you have it. Barnacleez.
    Barnacleez the Avenger @ Kindle Fire 4.5.5
    [email protected] usa 1
    Contact Support here.
    Comedy is my partial life. Nerdiness is the other 99.99% of it.
    If this is a game where the player gender doesn't exist, then why does 'King' and 'Baronet' exist?
    Don't click here.
    Level: 34 Honor: 1,234
    Neutral in the server war, currently supporting TORCHERERS

  • Barnacleez (US1)Barnacleez (US1) Posts: 2,833
    edited 25.06.2013
    Paige responded with,"Fine. Lisa Marie the Fashion Plate." Jason replied,"You realize you'e ruining the game I love."
    Barnacleez the Avenger @ Kindle Fire 4.5.5
    [email protected] usa 1
    Contact Support here.
    Comedy is my partial life. Nerdiness is the other 99.99% of it.
    If this is a game where the player gender doesn't exist, then why does 'King' and 'Baronet' exist?
    Don't click here.
    Level: 34 Honor: 1,234
    Neutral in the server war, currently supporting TORCHERERS

  • BrandoBrando Posts: 392
    edited 25.06.2013
    I choose my username because that's what I call myself (nickname).
    What i really think of doing to people who asks how/why to send rubies/coins to other players.........

    Brando: Level 54 retired @USA 1
    CantMakeMe: Level 23 Ruins @Int1
  • darksideskittledarksideskittle Posts: 45
    edited 25.06.2013
    I choosed this username because its my favorite skittles brand.
    Welcome to the darkside, we have skittles:D.
  • King DooooooomKing Dooooooom Posts: 2,015
    edited 25.06.2013
    King Doom chose the name King Doom because of good game farmer( the beta, which waas so much better than the good game farmer now), when I was known as Farmer Doooooooom and everyone there feared me ( It was hilarious) so that's why I chose King Doom ( and I also like the word Doom.)


    King Dooooooom! lv. 68! @ INT 2.
  • bobbysbrobobbysbro Posts: 1,265
    edited 25.06.2013
    I got mine cos I wanted Bob,was in use so I tried Bobby, in use so I tried bobbysbro and it worked
    Level 70
    Bobbysbro @ world 1



  • TheKnightofAweTheKnightofAwe Posts: 278
    edited 25.06.2013
    I chose TheKnightofAwe because since it's in the medieval times I chose Knight and I chose Awe because it means epic,great surprise the prefix of Awesome
    980 honor Sergeant in Hounds of Hell
    TheKnightofAwe @WWW1 lvl 17 Chevailier 974 honor Member in Lost Troops

    Whats your hardest video game? Say it here!

    Search and Destroy Pro! Lodestar!
  • therealsporer (US1)therealsporer (US1) Posts: 2,266
    edited 25.06.2013
    there is a guy in real life named sporer who i don't like very much, so i took his name and he can't have it back.
    therealsporer @ usa 1
    the realerest.

    Former whatever,
    Proud nothing.
    If I do something you need to know about, you'll know.

    What is the face of a coward?
    The back of his head as he runs from battle.
  • Gman2543 (US1)Gman2543 (US1) Posts: 78
    edited 25.06.2013
    When I was 10-ish I made a Webkinz account, and chose the username Gman254 because... idk. Anyway I added a 3 and that's the story
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  • Laizer2012Laizer2012 Posts: 338
    edited 25.06.2013
    mine is boring laizer is my nickname and i made this account in 2012
    Laizer2012 @ usa 1 and a member of d8athregs 3
  • edited 25.06.2013
    Well I like the status 'King' and love Lord Of The Rings which has the most awesome kingdom 'Gondor'

    Hence King Gondor!
  • BobwormercastleBobwormercastle Posts: 265
    edited 26.06.2013
    My internet name is Bob Wormer (I have my random e-mail accounts and sign up for stuff using this name) and this is a medieval castle war game, so Bob Wormer + Castle=Bobwormercastle!!!

    Bobwormercastle @ usa 1 Coordinates- (685:326)

    Proud General of PTR New World 8)
  • AkustoAkusto Posts: 259
    edited 26.06.2013
    Nickname that my former swim coach gave me...my last name backwards
    USA1 lvl 57 and counting

    Chocolate is nature's way of making up for Mondays.
  • g man4g man4 Posts: 1,936
    edited 26.06.2013
    the Name I go by (in real life) starts with a "G". also I'm a gangsta. The G was taken. TheG was taken. Gman was taken G man was taken and so I added 444, my favorite 3 digit number (not sure why). that was taken so I took of a 4, still taken I take of one more and I'm in. that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
    g man4 @ Canada 1 #TheDreamLivesOn



    (psst, wanna see something cool? go to youtube and search , do the harlem shake. when you do, the page itself will do the harlem shake...)

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