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Many players are leaving and why they will continue to do so

LukeWarriorLukeWarrior Posts: 305
Over recent weeks and months many of my friends in the game decided to leave, many players I had been with since the beginning of my game play. I began to question the own reasons why I play, and I came to the conclusion that leaving the game makes sense.

The game takes up too much of my time and money. In recent months the game developers have only sought to expand the premium game content, this only seeks to benefit a small minority of players who spend excessive amounts of money on the game. With the ever increasing number of features on the game I just don't have time to attack robber barrons, attack players, participate in events and form strategies with my fellow gamers, it just takes too much time. Time which I could use to study, see friends and family and experience life!

To me it seems that the game developers are only interested in making the game more immersive and more addictive, and then adding more premium content and making premium game play more expensive so they can farm large quantities of money from those who are willing to spend it.

With the amount of money I have spent on this game I could have easily saved up for a new Xbox One this winter and a bunch of games to go with it, heck I could probability get a nice TV to go with it too thinking back to all the times I so eagerly entered my bank details to purchase online currency. At least with a new Xbox One it will have better graphics, loads of great software features, hardware for my money and I can enjoy it with my real life friends. Or if we consider other MMO games like World Of Warcraft they are far far cheaper in price for premium content, just a few pounds a month for access to the whole game!

The opinions of the gaming community here are frequently ignored, even big premium players, this is the most disgusting example of poor customer service I have ever witnessed. In international 1 many players have left or are leaving, I think only premium players are left now, any new players quickly go to ruins once they realise the excessive amounts of money and time required to progress in the game. They call it a strategy game, what kind of strategy could a non-ruby player adopt to win in this game? None.

I remember a time when this game was different, players were happy to play it, the servers were full of players non-ruby, moderate ruby and big ruby alike. Now all of them are leaving because of unpopular updates, more expensive premium game play and a lack of any kind of decent customer service.

I don't think I will be spending another penny on this game unless significant changes are made and I doubt I will be playing much at all in the future, basically I am quitting.

GGE, you must know that more players are leaving now than ever before, alot of them are premium players and make up a key part to your customer base, surely you have noticed the decline in people purchasing rubies, its clear from just taking a look on my server that this game is very much dying slowly. Soon you will have all but a handful of highly addicted, immersed players that are foolish enough to feed you massive amounts of money in exchange for a really poor product, is this what you want? To me it seems that way. Your game used to be great when I joined 18 months ago, sadly this is now not the case. Listen to your customers, take on the key themes emerging from feedback on the forum, and more importantly remember that many players do not take to the forums as eagerly as I do to express their disappointment in the game. Players are not happy, this game has turned crap!

I quit the game.

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