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opening the gate

cooldude20cooldude20 Posts: 128
could we be able to open the gate for an hour and this will cost us 40 rubbies
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cooldude20 @ en 1
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  • therealsporer (US1)therealsporer (US1) Posts: 2,266
    edited 27.05.2013
    good luck
    +character count: with that, i bet GG is totally excited at the idea
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  • legoman693651legoman693651 Posts: 400
    edited 27.05.2013
    dear god no, most people open gates for one or two attacks landing together, if they could open for an hour people would not use the other time lengths.

    which means GGS loses money from ruby buying and more importantly people will constantly open gates because for 40 rubies, why not.

    trust me, you have probably never attacked somebody with full troops and tools only to have them open gates but let me tell you it sucks
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  • cooldude20cooldude20 Posts: 128
    edited 27.05.2013
    yes well 40 rubbies for the first use in a week and it just goes up and you can only use this short time for one castle
    cooldude20 @ en 1
    proud member of TheDarkDominion
  • Captain BilboCaptain Bilbo Posts: 142
    edited 27.05.2013
    maybe but i agree with legoman, ggs lose money and everyone would start doing it, attacking would become pointless
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