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Updates = more leaving



  • Humpers2Humpers2 Posts: 166
    edited 12.04.2013
    Baldrick wrote: »
    Exactly, the updates have sod all to do with the bad feelings now. This is a case of customers being angry with a company for misleading them, lying to them (oh yes), refusing to talk face to face and refusing to properly apologize for the mistakes they have made.

    Malreyn can only do a certain amount of apologizing and frankly, that doesn't cut the mustard. This has gone too far now to be fixed with spin. We need real, factual answers to our questions with data to back them up.

    Until that happens these threads must stay alive or things will only get worse.

    Just want to highlight this, we have to remember Mal didn't know what was going on himself. I'm half-sure he still doesn't and still he has to read all the flak on the forums. I have tried to keep things as impersonal as possible because ultimately it is the Game Design Team which is making these stupid decisions and worse excuses/lies. As I mentioned in my thread 'Comments to our Community Manager' my issue has very little indeed to do with the update being a bad one. It is the way the whole issue has been handled which is why people have reacted so badly.
    Humpers @ en 1
  • RulerNathan8RulerNathan8 Posts: 279
    edited 13.04.2013
    I write here more cos im not a "diplomat" to deal with ingame issues and most of the time im on the go so i can access the forum only.

    I only told the guy that if he keeps working 24/7 he will get a heart attack. he even thought that tower looting is gonna be a WORK for him now, in a GAME.

    "9. Most important: HAVE FUN. Always remember this is a game and is meant to be used for entertainment. Don't do anything but have fun playing it!"

    some people forget what their own policy is..

    games can be played whatever the rules are as long you can play it with others, even if the rules are changing you can always keep playing it, this is what you ultimately forget

    i have fun in this game i enjoy it untill certian things happend i am not going to die from working to much i am my own boss i pick when i want off and i take it but if u were a business person u would know timeis money money akes world move EVERYWHERE ......... all i was sayn is i shldnt have to invest 2x the amount of time/and/or money in this game just to stay where i am or grow more they keep changing this game for the worse

    RulerNathan8 @ usa 1
  • Gaz The BossGaz The Boss Posts: 521
    edited 13.04.2013
    "all i was sayn is i shldnt have to invest 2x the amount of time/and/or money in this game just to stay where i am or grow more"

    the rules have changed for everybody, not just for you. the game will continue to flow in a slower pace, which means you might not be able to produce 3 full armies each day and so does your enemy, unlimited coins actually do exactly the same that having very few coins, increase play costs, as you have make troops and all day with feast and buy ruby tools and put them on ruby horses in order to match others who do the same.

    umlimited coins--> unlimited battles--> unlimited spending on ruby tools and ruby repair castles
    very limited coins --> very limited battles--> players forced to buy ruby buildings and heroes if they wish to have more battles (town houses, bribery, marauder, travel market)

    thats why im saying somewhere in between would be the optimal, where you have the most option to choose from how you wish to play the game, but having the option for extreme amount of coins available was clearly damaging the game for everybody who were less active or developing, and as the playing field is shared these people were simply slaughtered and unable to develop
    Gaz The Boss @ en 1

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