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  • ucanengucaneng Posts: 111
    edited 08.04.2013
    Chiorbix wrote: »
    DR 2 is all in this issue ... i'm with you guy's ... no more ruby buy :)

    thx mate! we will see that the day will bring!...
    TheCrow @ tr 1
  • famous nadinfamous nadin Posts: 335
    edited 08.04.2013
    yep,even the vetrans should be low of cost, and dweling effect should be high! a dweling lvl 1 givs only 4 coins!,or send the barterer as often as the merchenti used to sit on 100k coins and it ended to 0 in daily cost!
    i want this right and increase coins from rbc! either increase our production or decrease your expences!

    i suppport these threads as a member of G.G.E.!
    counting on my fingers no one beats me till now,waiting for a true warrior that will fight me8):D;):(
    I need an alliance please help me and see my thread - http://en.board.goodgamestudios.com/empire/showthread.php?64697-need-an-alliance&p=719436#post719436
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    Hi all,

    This thread is now locked due to disucssion of ruby boycott.

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