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NO XP Quests

spontaneus1 (GB1)spontaneus1 (GB1) Posts: 172GB1
edited 24.02.2013 in Technical Assistance
Propaply not a bug but i just turned level 28 and got no new xp quests ?(?(
spontaneus1 @ en 1
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  • Jas9824Jas9824 Posts: 1,111
    edited 23.02.2013
    Propaply not a bug but i just turned level 28 and got no new xp quests ?(?(

    but you have to upgrade you dwelling to lvl 7?
    there should be one at least (unless you completed it)
    "Everthing has its price 1/3"
    Goals: population 300
    7 Dwellings at lvl 6
    Heres the quest sheet
    Attachment not found.ok
    if you follow the quest and only upgrade 7 dwellings you get a pop. of:
    lvl 6(35)x7=245
    and if you dont build any more dwellings,you should get xp for increasing your op. to 300
    my answer might not be right so dont follow me

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  • Molson Beer (US1)Molson Beer (US1) Posts: 8,443US1
    edited 23.02.2013
    Try the EverWinter Kingdom,there should be quests there
  • evets4evets4 Posts: 3,798
    edited 23.02.2013
    Hanzolo is right, you need to go to Glacier.
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  • spontaneus1 (GB1)spontaneus1 (GB1) Posts: 172GB1
    edited 24.02.2013
    tnx for the replies everybody
    spontaneus1 @ en 1
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