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Reserving Ruins

Adrguy1234Adrguy1234 Posts: 651
I have had this problem, and I know anyone else who has also encountered it finds it very frustrating. When you find a convenient place to put your castle that is occupied by ruins, it will tell you "ruins free in x.x days. However, when you get there and count down to the second, it says "waiting to be deleted", then right after, it's occupied by some new lvl 5. What I suggest is that we should be able to reserve a set of ruins, so that if the ruins disappear, you will automatically start moving there, and if the owner comes back you get a notification that says something like "sorry, but the owners of the ruin have returned. The spot is no longer available." That way, there isn't the risk of getting the spot you have been waiting for 7 days dissapearing under a new player.

p.s. I did a search before this, but I just got a bunch of useless threads about people complaining.
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  • evets4evets4 Posts: 3,798
    edited 20.02.2013
    Great idea, I know some people who want to move their castle by me, and right before they can, a noob takes the spot, goes to ruins, another noob takes it, and so on.
    evets4 @ usa 1
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  • Jas9824Jas9824 Posts: 1,111
    edited 20.02.2013
    same thing
    an alliance meber of mine is 800+ away but cant move becuase noobs just come again.............

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  • Sam4 (GB1)Sam4 (GB1) Posts: 464
    edited 20.02.2013
    Completely agree. I had a friend who had trouble with this, and eventually just gave up because though there was lots of ruins, it was just happening over and over. I complained to support that ruins who's time had come to an end shouldn't wait around with 'to be deleted' but should automatically be deleted. Got a poor response, and they ended up blaming server lag... HA
    Sam4 - Leader of EPICNESS @UK1
  • Molson Beer (US1)Molson Beer (US1) US1 Posts: 8,443
    edited 20.02.2013
    I totally agree,and I had a lot of esperience with this.

    I had to try 12 whole times before I moved my castle.11 of those 12 times,it was because a newbie showed up 1 second after I refresh or whatever.

    It got so depressing,I waited 7 hours before the spot became avaliable.I open the tab,and by the time I get there,a newbie shows up.
  • King KeefKing Keef Posts: 87
    edited 21.02.2013
    If they don't fix it soon I will just quit the game.
    King Keef @ usa 1
  • GleamerGleamer Posts: 166
    edited 21.02.2013
    I'd suggest that all ruins after they become available (meaning already past the "waiting to be deleted" stage), they should sit empty for 2 hours so anyone who wants to move to the spot can do so. After the 2 hours is up, then it can be occupied by a new player.

    As it is, it is totally ridiculous to see the endless cycle of new players occupying spots and then it'll go to ruins after a few days. And batches of new players, ruins, batches of new players, ruins........
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