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In the recent update, people were given the option to name their commanders whatever they want. Here you can post the names you gave your commanders; whether they are creative and original, boring and meaningless, or just random letters with a number, and we'll see who has come up with the best names so far.

Since my castles are named The Castle, The Outpost, The Outpost 2, The Outpost 3, and The Castle 2, I decided to make the name of the commander I use the most "The Commander".
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    Sargeant edwards, commander edwards, And PH3NOM Agent Edwards
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    Lynx, Hawk, Wolverine, Otter, Antelope, Badger (each name hints at their attributes)

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    i haven't named them yet, but the last one is "HeyYouOverThere
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    My top 5 commanders are Ornstein, Smough, Solaire, Lautrec and Tywin.. hehehe

    and just so you know... Tywin is my best commander with a 30% glory bonus, +18.5% travel speed, -11% enemy moat protection, -10% enemy wall protection, -20% enemy gate protection.. yeah... but i bet someone has a better general than me
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    My commander names:

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    My main castle's name is Andalite Keep (this is a hint for the theme).

    My commander's are "Commander" Jake, "" Cass, "" Marco, "" Rach, "" Tobi, "" David, Visser Three, "" Taxxo, and "" Hork.

    What is the theme? (Don't say it if you've already guessed correctly somewhere else)
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    Elfangor wrote: »
    My main castle's name is Andalite Keep (this is a hint for the theme).

    My commander's are "Commander" Jake, "" Cass, "" Marco, "" Rach, "" Tobi, "" David, Visser Three, "" Taxxo, and "" Hork.

    What is the theme? (Don't say it if you've already guessed correctly somewhere else)

    Must be Animorphs
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    hanzolo5 wrote: »
    Must be Animorphs


    I guessed it before I looked it up because I talked about it to elf many times, lol
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    i named my commanders
  • DarkDylan47DarkDylan47 Posts: 759
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    I named mine Posiedion,Zues,Hades,Athena,Artemis,and Pan.
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    ThatPlayer @ usa 1
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    Gen.Jallon is my first most used

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    All 9 of my commanders are called:
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  • Zan Wrai (GB1)Zan Wrai (GB1) Posts: 317
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    1. Elitias(never lost a battle)
    2. Secondius(useless)
    3. Lootius(gets me nice equipment)
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  • evets4evets4 Posts: 3,798
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    Red Green, Yellow Magenta, Blues, Yellow Green, Pink Blue, Green Pink, Blue Yellow, Grey Magenta, & BlackandYellow

    Original, no?
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    because you see it coming you can't stop it and it'll mess up your weekend

    (happily devorced):D
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    My c0mmanders are
  • rafey69 (IN1)rafey69 (IN1) Posts: 34IN1
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    I am very practical. So I named them something like this....
    Melee (Has approx 80% melee advantage)
    Ranged (Has approx 75% ranged advantage)
    Honor (Honor advantage)

    I hope you get the idea. :)
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    Mine have military ranks in accordance to how useful they are, my best being Field marshal and worst being 2nd lieutenant.
    In order they are: Field marshal,secondincommand,general,brigadier,colonel,major,captain,lieutenant, 2nd lieutenant
  • AmazingRaulGameAmazingRaulGame Posts: 183
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    1.Colonel Merek
    2.Commander Henry
    3.Commander Zane
    4.Commander Leo
    5.Captain Carac
    6.Captain Walter
    7.Captain Bruce
    8.Lieutenant Ash
    9.Sergeant Arthur
    Like Them?:)
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