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Why no tools with the travelling knights?

LukeWarriorLukeWarrior Posts: 305
Hi everyone,

Why did they get rid of the tools that come with the travelling knights?

I didn't see it mentioned in a update, so no notice was given of this change (please correct me if I am wrong on this point).

Looks like I will have to spend more rubies if I want those tools again.
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I quit the game.


  • Gaz The BossGaz The Boss Posts: 521
    edited 30.12.2012
    We will see if there will be any tools for renegades, if not, than non ruby players are more cooked than ever hehe
    Gaz The Boss @ en 1
  • LukeWarriorLukeWarrior Posts: 305
    edited 30.12.2012
    We will see if there will be any tools for renegades, if not, than non ruby players are more cooked than ever hehe

    hehe yes they won't be cooking much with wooden tools.

    I quit the game.
  • evets4evets4 Posts: 3,798
    edited 31.12.2012
    I think it's because this one is only 8 pieces, instaed of 11 or 12.
    evets4 @ usa 1
    Retired From Goodgame Empire
    Coordinates: 715:639 | |
    (Former)General of The Impervious
  • anguspepperer (US1)anguspepperer (US1) Posts: 816
    edited 31.12.2012
    Probably because it is really easy to get the TKs
    Lift Heavy and Take a Multi
  • BobwormercastleBobwormercastle Posts: 265
    edited 31.12.2012
    I just attacked 6 level 1 RBC and got 4 pieces of the relic. They already give us more than we should get for it...
    Bobwormercastle @ usa 1 Coordinates- (685:326)

    Proud General of PTR New World 8)
  • Noble_MattNoble_Matt Posts: 39
    edited 31.12.2012
    It is the old version.
    Noble_Matt @ WWW 1
  • Baldrick (GB1)Baldrick (GB1) Posts: 4,948
    edited 31.12.2012
    Either GGS have reinstated the old event due to some technical issues, which given that they have limited support over the festive period I can understand.

    Either that or they have decided to stop giving us armourer attack tools in events hoping that we are now used to them and hoping we'll spend our rubies on them instead, which I would be very unhappy with.

    Here's something good for free and now that you really want it all the time we'll take it away and make you pay for it instead. #crack den.
    It's been a while.....

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