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Tavern Level and Spy Numbers

TerriahTerriah Posts: 507
edited 08.01.2013 in Players ask Players
Hi all,

Just a quick question.
I was talking to other members in my alliance about spy numbers.
I have 2x level 2 taverns and 1x level 1 tavern. Therefore I have 7 spies.

However, there are a couple of members within the alliance who have other combinations such as:
3x level 3 taverns but this person only has 6 spies.

I'm a lower level to them, so why the difference?

Someone said it's to do with the number of sword brothers, is that true?
Terriah @ en 1
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  • SparksterSparkster Posts: 450
    edited 18.12.2012
    Yeah, it's most likely sword brothers. If you have three level 3 taverns, you'll need the maximum 18 sword brothers to be able to use them all. If that one guy only has 6 available, he really needs to get more SBs. If you click on the sword brothers icon in the lower left corner of the game screen, it will show you how many spies/commanders you have available and how many more sword brothers you need to unlock more.
    Sparkster @ WWW 2

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  • TerriahTerriah Posts: 507
    edited 18.12.2012
    Cool thanks! I'll pass it on. Thanks for answering!
    Terriah @ en 1
  • irreverenceirreverence Posts: 39
    edited 06.01.2013
    Sorry im new so you can increase the base amount of spies by building more taverns up to a certain amount? After that amount spies can be obtained through brother in arms. Is that the concept here?
    irreverence @ usa 1
  • The Epic DudeThe Epic Dude Posts: 555
    edited 06.01.2013
    Yep Firstly u build taverns and upgrding them.

    Then it counts because of the sword brothers But they cant be INACTIVE
    IM a noob.

    Dont ask me anything

  • icepikaicepika Posts: 767
    edited 06.01.2013
    You can build up to three tavern and have maximum of six general and 15 spies. However, you can increase number of spy a little by doing research. Moreover, the number of spies right depend on the number of ACTIVE swordbrothers you have. You need 18 swordsbrother to get 15 spies
    icepika @ en 1
  • irreverenceirreverence Posts: 39
    edited 08.01.2013
    So, I have a question then. In the absence of swordbrothers, can I acquire 3 spies from building 3 lvl 1 taverns? Or what is the maximum amount of spies acquired in the absence of any swordbrothers? So if this is true then acquiring more than 3 spies require the acquisition of sword brothers. So therefore leveling up the tavern is necessary to affect the cap by increasing how many spies you can accommodate based on swordbrothers, is this true?
    irreverence @ usa 1

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