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Colossus glitch



  • edited 13.12.2012
    Hi all,

    The servers are back up and running. If you continue to have any problems please contact support.

  • RadajRadaj Posts: 2
    edited 13.12.2012
    Yes the game is back but i lost a sh*t load of collosus event points... What the F? I want those back... -_-
    Radaj @ nl 1
  • JuhJohKuJuhJohKu Posts: 48
    edited 13.12.2012
    confuzzion wrote: »
    is it really??

    Yes, it is
    International 1 Member of HW
    Scandinavian 1 Allianssi
  • Dun Gon (INT2)Dun Gon (INT2) Posts: 3,656
    edited 13.12.2012
    Thank you GGS. We are glad to know that you fixed such a bug so quickly ;)
    Dun Gon @ WWW 2
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  • HurdirHurdir Posts: 1
    edited 13.12.2012
    CM Malreyn wrote: »
    Hi all,

    The servers are back up and running. If you continue to have any problems please contact support.

    After the fix I was adding a lot of rescources to the Colossus, but now the points are very low.
    Hurdir @ skn 1
  • ShalzShalz Posts: 1
    edited 13.12.2012
    I am from UK 1 and got the same glitch... Got an Error Code and no Statue! Have checked the Store... :(

    Let me know if you guys find out the answer...
    Shalz @ en 1
  • k3rb3r05k3rb3r05 Posts: 231
    edited 13.12.2012
    rifle_sim2 wrote: »
    Wouldn't it be much more simple to just restore the last backup before the hot-fix under question and then restart the servers?

    Normally, yes. But not in GGS case. Last glitch where usa1 went down due to a DB corruption, couple of squads of mine that hadn't hit target, just vanished. Support thought that the DB restore that happened anyway on that day would have restored my troops, but it didn't. I got my squads back , manually , but the DB restore failed to bring them back. So, not sure if the solution helps for all cases

    I think the safest step will be to stop ppl from sending out attacks x hrs from scheduled update, then prior the update do a backup, do the update and then keep fingers crossed
  • bloodyepicnessbloodyepicness Posts: 42
    edited 14.12.2012
    Thank the gods that this bug was fixed. I dont think I lost any resources!!

    bloodyEPICNESS @ www2

    Lvl 53
    Sergeant of Imperial TDR

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  • ThornPrickleyThornPrickley Posts: 668
    edited 14.12.2012
    And there was much rejoicing in the lands!
    I, AM BACK!

    ?(A blue police box floating in space? Is it bigger on the inside? :D
    Do you know what this is from?
  • abrikosasabrikosas Posts: 1
    edited 29.12.2012
    How i can get colossus?
    abrikosas @ WWW 2
  • madperson (INT1)madperson (INT1) Posts: 337
    edited 30.12.2012
    It was an event which took place a few weeks ago. There was a tent outside your castle where you could donate your resources to increase the public order of decoration. It costed a lot of resources and the more resources you donated, the more public order the decoration gives. The event finished several weeks ago so you can't get a colossus anymore.
    Madperson @ WWW 1
    Level 70, active.


  • clive100clive100 Posts: 391
    edited 27.05.2013
    Can anyone show me what they all look like
    clive100 @ en 1
    Retired at level 55
    Last alliance: BSK AlliedOrder
    Last achieved glory rank: Duke
  • awesomekayakerawesomekayaker Posts: 283
    edited 28.05.2013
    if you look in any high level players castle, you will see them, usually in their main, you can get an axe, sword or spear man version depending on how much you can give towards the event, there is currently one on now
    sometimes you gotta love ggs logic

    general DOMINION
    awesomekayaker @ en 1
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