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Secret places in the kingdom

MAXRuler0MAXRuler0 Posts: 198
I am suggesting having another icon (available from level 25) that unlocks secret places in all the kingdoms (example Fire peaks: Cultist lord's keep) plus secret places in The Great Empire, Everwinter Glacier and berimold and maybe even new islands. You must make a good camp and defeat a very hard castle (1) which will attack you every now and then. Completing he first events will be easy but as you move on it will get harder (rubying up your camp helps). If you complete any of these you will get special units (usually only one powerful unit, example: dragon lord (One of the strongest): 509 melee attack, 784 melee defense, 701 ranged defense, 18 travel speed and 80 loot capacity).

Tell me what you think?
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  • RoobinHood77777RoobinHood77777 Posts: 302
    edited 02.12.2012
    not too bad,but why only one unit as a reward?
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  • BraveShadow1BraveShadow1 Posts: 343
    edited 02.12.2012
    because redonkulously strong
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  • ElfangorElfangor Posts: 3,974
    edited 02.12.2012
    Sounds like a nice idea. Maybe a different reward, but other than that I like it.
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