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Moving Castles

TerriahTerriah Posts: 507
edited 11.12.2012 in Players ask Players
So I understand that you get one free move and all subsequent moves cost 5000 rubies. I also understand that it takes 24 hours to move and that you can't move again for another 2 weeks.
My question is regarding locations. So there are some ruins. Some of them say will be removed in X days, but others say "waiting to be deleted". I've been looking at the waiting to be deleted for over 24 hours. So how long does it take for them to be deleted?

I've also heard that the system can put a new player in that location within 30 seconds to a minute. If I don't know when it's going to be deleted and I have such a small window how can I relocate there?

If anyone could answer this, that would be great.
Terriah @ en 1
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  • TerriahTerriah Posts: 507
    edited 01.12.2012
    Anyone have any ideas?
    Terriah @ en 1
  • WarriorJobeWarriorJobe Posts: 39
    edited 01.12.2012
    well it is basically a matter of luck. you just have to find a spot that has no ruins on it. that is how you know it is free. but it does come down to luck that is all i can tell you. probably not much help
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]WarriorJobe @ usa 1
  • caliwoodscaliwoods Posts: 269
    edited 01.12.2012
    When I moved my castle I waited till one counted down and then picked it within the hour to move to it which did take some time. All worth it in the end. I had my eye on a few spots to move and ended up with my 2nd choice. I am not sure why some would say waiting to be deleted. The timer may have not even started on that one yet.
    8) King caliwoods the Terrible @ usa 1 8)

  • HowardSHowardS Posts: 33
    edited 01.12.2012
    no it says waiting to be deleted after the timer
    HowardS @ usa 1
  • TerriahTerriah Posts: 507
    edited 02.12.2012
    Yeah, but that's my issue. Is I've found some ruins. Watched them count down, and now they say waiting to be deleted. But they've said waiting to be deleted now since Thursday. Is there a specific day they get deleted or what?
    Terriah @ en 1
  • shinerofbockshinerofbock Posts: 1
    edited 11.12.2012
    I would try and contact support about having the ruins deleted.
    shinerofbock @ WWW 2
  • therealdrewtherealdrew Posts: 1
    edited 11.12.2012
    If I move my Castle do I also get to move my outpost for free for my first free move?
    therealdrew @ usa 1
  • Fire CastleFire Castle Posts: 619
    edited 11.12.2012
    I couldn't...................
    International 1
    Fire Castle

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