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How to attack based on espionage reports?

TerriahTerriah Posts: 507
Hi all,

I started a couple days ago, and I was trying to get used to using my spies (bit scared for when my bird flies away!). I scouted a few barons and a couple of players near by. I've got fairly detailed scout reports which tell me what they have, how many and where, but I don't really know how to utilise that information. How do I know what to attack with for minimum loses?

I have read the guides, but with so many different troop types, I'm just a bit confused. I'm almost level 9, so I'm kinda still dealing with the basics...

Any help would be great!

Thank you :love:
Terriah @ en 1
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  • PeterKlintingPeterKlinting Posts: 336
    edited 19.11.2012
    Hi, Terriah

    The troops on the report are equal to the troops you know from your Barracks, so when you look on them, you will know the stats.

    When a player is defending, only the defense on the stats of the troops count and not the attack. Your troops can attack with either melee (the ones with maces/swords) or ranged (the ones with bows).

    When a player is attacking, only the attack stat counts. As said above your troop(s) can either attack in melee or ranged attack.

    This will mean: Ranged are good agains crossbowmen
    Melee are good against macemen
    Ranged are good against spearmen
    Melee are good against bowmen
    The swordsmen and archers are almost equal to ranged and melee defense, so it doesn't matter

    Hope this helped, and don't forget to use tools to clear out the defense tools and/or wall defenses
    Always remember to enjoy the game

    PeterKlinting @ international 1
  • TerriahTerriah Posts: 507
    edited 19.11.2012
    Ah I see!

    Okay, so because I would be attacking, I use my troops attacking stats VS their troops defending stats?

    So, because I know what's defending if I just have more troops than they have will I win without any loses?

    So for example:

    If I have 5 macemen and "he" has 5 macemen, I will win because his defense stat is lower than my attack stat?

    And do I just match or beat what they have defending their flank or front?
    Terriah @ en 1
  • HowardSHowardS Posts: 33
    edited 19.11.2012
    Hi, I'm not so sure about the calculations on how much troops you lose but I am sure that you lose troops even if you win in the center and flanks. So in your example the 5 maceman attacking 5 maceman, the attacking 5 maceman have an attacking value of 38 each(makes 190), and the defending maceman have a defensive value of 4 each(because the attacking troops are melee(which makes 20.) The way I perceive it is that the winner loses
    the total defensive value of defensive troops/ the attacking value of each unit
    I have no idea how it is calculated when there is more than one type of unit on each side, gate and wall bonuses, and tools.
    HowardS @ usa 1
  • poopooryanpoopooryan Posts: 4
    edited 21.11.2012
    is espionage useless if they are online and you have close to the same amount of troops? cos they can just change their formation just before you get there.
    poopooryan @ au 1
  • GhjHeroGhjHero Posts: 1,802
    edited 22.11.2012
    poopooryan wrote: »
    is espionage useless if they are online and you have close to the same amount of troops? cos they can just change their formation just before you get there.

    You are correct.
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  • DarkAustinDarkAustin Posts: 22
    edited 22.11.2012
    if your level 9 you should attack lev.5,4,6 people before reaching lev.10.
    DarkAustin @ WWW 1
  • swag like ohio3swag like ohio3 Posts: 1,853
    edited 22.11.2012
    based on what the spy says use the right troops and tools
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  • BobFighter834 (INT2)BobFighter834 (INT2) Posts: 2,762
    edited 27.11.2012
    poopooryan wrote: »
    is espionage useless if they are online and you have close to the same amount of troops? cos they can just change their formation just before you get there.

    Wrong. It gives you a rough idea of numbers of troops and types if nothing else. Of course, alliance support can affect this but it's wise to factor that in whether the player is online or not. Besides, if you see someone with 1500 of each type of defensive kingsguard, you probably don't want to attack, and the same if you see they have 2 armed citizens and few resources (generally bad idea to attack if you don't gain glory or many resources).

    In addition, there are many players who use various information to work out at what times players are offline and attack then. If a player signs off at 8pm every day, having an attack land at 9pm is a good idea. So then they can't be online or change the formation.
    BobFighter834 - International 2.

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