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Berimond ANOTHER bug

LukeWarriorLukeWarrior Posts: 305
edited 13.11.2012 in Technical Assistance
You really messed it this time,

when I go to send troops from the main kingdoms into the event they do not go to the camp I selected they only go to my main camp.

Thanks to this I have lost rubies and I will loose the attack.
Post edited by LukeWarrior on

I quit the game.


  • xJadetsssxxJadetsssx Posts: 5,983
    edited 12.11.2012
    I cannot send any soldier to any of my camps because the game don't allow me, AND I have space too! this is so annoying.
    Does this looks like the face of mercy?

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  • JJ5542JJ5542 Posts: 1,580
    edited 13.11.2012
    YES!! I have room for 70 and I can only send 20 no more. I also lost 25 troops on a capture attack. no response from support ,I will have to wait a few more days I guess.....
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  • Luke FieryswordLuke Fierysword Posts: 2,290
    edited 13.11.2012
    Welcome to GGS!

    So much for them using Alpha Testing...
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  • Punk Thug (US1)Punk Thug (US1) Posts: 433
    edited 13.11.2012
    Guys, cut them a little slack. This is a brand new event, with at least three totally new coding events that I can see with out looking at it: Troop limits, new travel costs, and two huge 'alliances'. Thats not even counting whatever is in the code that I don't know about.

    And as for "test it more", look at it this way: To get 100 hours of testing, it's 12 people putting in a full days work, folk that need to be paid. At Zynga, they put 10,000 hours of play testing into their games and most of their games don't have the player vs player issues that Empire does.

    Contact support. They helped me TONS whenever this game has glitched. If you lost rubies, explain it to them and I'll bet they help you out

    Yes this event is very buggy, but this is the first time out. Next time they run this event, they will get it humming
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