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New Event Problem

caliwoodscaliwoods Posts: 269
edited 10.11.2012 in Technical Assistance
People are sending captures on the other team. Player A arrives and wins it. Player B from the same team arrives with a capture also and attacks the same color team member at the captured camp. Is this supposed to be? Why are we attacking our own team members and killing them instead of the second player B just getting their troops returned with no battle????X(
8) King caliwoods the Terrible @ usa 1 8)

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  • ReamajReamaj Posts: 24
    edited 09.11.2012
    Yeah, I've reported this to support but they haven't replied yet, assume they are swamped by people reporting the same thing
    Reamaj @ en 1
  • Snkbitstallion (US1)Snkbitstallion (US1) US1 Posts: 149
    edited 09.11.2012
    i am also begining to see an issue with not being able to support new land with seige. we countinue to recieve so many troops from completeing objectives that i cant send troops to new world which means i also have no way of being able to get seige there mabey a seige building there with new world only seige tools? and i had a capture attack where my own team hit me twice and i lost it with 30mins left
    Snkbitstallion @ usa 1
  • Snkbitstallion (US1)Snkbitstallion (US1) US1 Posts: 149
    edited 09.11.2012
    ok it was a no battle
    Snkbitstallion @ usa 1
  • randolphforsythrandolphforsyth Posts: 2
    edited 09.11.2012
    The biggest problem is there is no way to communicate with your side red/blue. How can a side actually hope to win if there is no coordination between players and it is just a free for all attack everything you see. I know there are alot of people on each side but a flooded chat would be better than no chat at all.
    randolphforsyth @ usa 1
  • KiLEdEnNisKiLEdEnNis Posts: 10
    edited 09.11.2012
    i received troops at my main castle in the grass land, they where lion warriors, i sended them to outpost 3, and today i LOST THEM!, and i dont have an e-mail adress, so i cant contact support! >: (
    this is a f**k*ng bad game!

    and no, i didnt attack with them, and my other troops still live
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  • Mickey5612 (US1)Mickey5612 (US1) US1 Posts: 20
    edited 10.11.2012
    I captured a camp in Beerimond, but my occupying forces appear to be in limbo. Travel time tells me they are 11 hours away and there is no arrow trail. What happened?
    Mpinto55 @ usa 1
  • Michael764GamerMichael764Gamer Posts: 241
    edited 10.11.2012
    ever since the recent hotfixes i have been unable to log in its been 2 days now... most likely my camp has now been taken
    Michael764Gamer @ WWW 1
  • bizzenbizzen Posts: 320
    edited 10.11.2012
    mpinto55 it takes 12 hours to capture a camp when you reached it. So it's saying that I has already reached 1 hour before and need 11 more hours to capture.
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