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Bakery suggestion - pls look at this

SvetovnaSilaSvetovnaSila Posts: 583
I was thinking if Bakery would be able to upgrade like that: first of all bakery should be free for first 4 levels and in each level it reduces only 5 percent of consumption. at bakery level 4 you can upgrade it for 6250 rubies to reduce normally for 10 percent each upgrade. Higher level bakery can be upgraded each 5 lvls. What do you think?
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  • BlackDrgnBlackDrgn Posts: 333
    edited 23.10.2012
    Are you saying a free -20% food consumption?
    You may as well lower all food consumption by troops by default.
  • SvetovnaSilaSvetovnaSila Posts: 583
    edited 23.10.2012
    I am saying to build a different bakery for free, but rubie ones are still available. Bakeries untill -20 % reducing would be free
  • SvetovnaSilaSvetovnaSila Posts: 583
    edited 23.10.2012
    come on, I want to hear what you think bout this thread
  • BlackDrgnBlackDrgn Posts: 333
    edited 23.10.2012
    Well my response would be the same.
    The first part of your suggestion is a free bakery.
    There would be no point in adding that, it would be the same thing if you just added the normal bakery with the fact that the troops consume -20% less.
    The point of your thread is, the ability to hold more troops.
    I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this as I am not on International 1 with the large wars, I don't know the effect of more troops.
    It would make battles larger, but to what extent?
    75.gif 60.2K
  • LOL LOL2LOL LOL2 Posts: 566
    edited 23.10.2012
    not going to happen..
  • XX5000XX2XX5000XX2 Posts: 5
    edited 23.10.2012
    i don't think GGS will do this one--the bakery already upgrades--So there is no need for a change like this.
    XX5000XX @ usa 1
  • SvetovnaSilaSvetovnaSila Posts: 583
    edited 23.10.2012
    yeah, all of you are right....
  • magicsss17magicsss17 Posts: 549
    edited 23.10.2012
    since you wanted to hear it.... I think you should get off your lazy butt and start earning rubies. I save everyone I earn and I have several bakeries. A few of them upped a couple of times. It isn't hard. you must attack robber barons. I personally focus on barbarian fortresses and their equivalent because of guarenteed big ruby bonuses.

    as for the actual idea its hogwash. dude makes no sense to have 4 free levels. why would anyone even want it? it every other person in the game would have it too. just sheer stupid imo. At the very least you need to have them pay resources for it and I still scoff at that notion. it is fine as is. just get off your lazy butt.
    magicsss17 @ WWW 1
  • Lord HarithLord Harith Posts: 129
    edited 23.10.2012
    Horrible idea. This is one of the million threads where you're pretty much saying "give away ruby stuff for free!". NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. I spent 20,000 rubies getting my bakery to level 3, and if they decide to give a "free" bakery, I would be VERY angry, along with everyone who has a bakery.
    Lord Harith of S.S.R. @ usa 1
  • Baldrick (GB1)Baldrick (GB1) Posts: 4,948
    edited 24.10.2012
    This is a great idea, let's make all the ruby buildings resource based instead, and tools, and services.

    This will make everyone as strong as each other and after a month or so we can all fight each other fairly and without advantage. This would be the perfect situation for this game to be in.

    The day after that GGS will go out of business, perfect! :)
    It's been a while.....

  • KiLEdEnNisKiLEdEnNis Posts: 10
    edited 24.10.2012
    bad, i dont have a bakery, and im not a ruby player, but, the players must pay for extra stuff, some do, some don't.
    i think your idea is bad, how about ruby units that you always can recruit?, which they are 19 times as strong as the best units
    even that is a better idea than lowering food consumption for "free"
    sorry to say, but this won't happen
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