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Ruins for castles to move

MacAtk2012MacAtk2012 Posts: 25
edited 29.03.2013 in Technical Assistance
I have been trying to move my castle for over a week but every time a ruin becomes available and the time is passed, the ruins are still and I am not allowed to move my castle there and there is just a dash (-) in the time expected to free window.
and sometimes after a few minutes a new level 4 castle pops up.
anyone know how to fix this?
MacAtk2012 @ WWW 1
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  • RaspoutineRaspoutine Posts: 5
    edited 14.10.2012
    I don't know how to fix it and apparently neither do the people at goodgame. I have posted 4 tickets describing the problem.
    Raspoutine @ usa 1
  • BystanderBystander Posts: 14
    edited 21.10.2012
    I can rephrase this from my lower post for you though you should check out other similar threads for more ideas. Looks like its all about timing (maybe).

    Yeah I can shed some light on this I think , Mac.

    Im experiencing a boatload of frustration trying to move my own castle by my freinds locations. There are plenty of ruins and Ive so far attempted seven times to move , but every time , its taken eventually by a new player. I think whats happened is that devs havent bothered to give you an actual flag of when the position is available. The time runs down , but the site isnt able to be occupied , as their is either:

    1) Lag in updating the state from 'timer out' to 'available to be occupied' status,


    2) A bug in displaying that properly to the player trying to move his castle-

    It used to be you would get 'error code 6' after clicking the relocate option a bunch of times befor you would see someone else get the location, which on my 2 most recent attempts today didnt occur. I just got the blank timer message (I clik the huntsman , choose the relocate for 0 rubies , navigate by coordinates to the spot I wish to choose that Ive been watching tick down on timer, and clik on it when the timer is out , only to get the same window a person would see if the spot was ready , only theres no time left until its ready so the timer is blank). Sending another notification of 'when its ready' being all you can do there. I click like a monkey deprived in an addiction study on the button to no avail , and then boom theres a new account there. Repeat process till eyes bleed. I see that relocation does work for a SMALL MINORITY of those trying the process so I can only speculate that there may be an exceedingly small window here where you can ACTUALLY successfully relocate between when the timer runs down and before its actually occupied by someone else but only the 3 fates seem to know when that actually is, Mac.

    From what I can gather , this game should still be in beta but has been rolled out early to earn revenue. As a result , existing bugs and ones with new features have a 'less than polished' interface or execution in some cases.

    Ive filed a ticket with support , but they seem to not have the ability to answer the other 3 tickets I have up for missing troops so I guess Ill have to go it alone in the middle of 10 high level players from various enemy alliances because my newb protection is up :P

    Not an incredibly positive experience on what should be a great game thus far. To GGE owners: You could have a very satisfying product if you took the time to properly implement it before frustrating your customers. I know others will (so you probably dont care) but theres no way Im buying rubies for this game until I see things worked out.

    For this issue , how about when the timer runs down you guys make the window transition to a 'pending' status, and put up a grey 'occupy' button that changes to green and becomes clickable once the location is actually available? How long does it take your tech department to code some text , color and a button? (weeks apparently if you agree at all that the current process is lacking).

    Ideally you would be told when EXACTLY the location would be available so we had 1/2 a snowballs chance in heck to even make it before new player occupations.

    Help your customers appreciate your product better and your revenue will go up. This is good business. You should want to do good business or you have serious problems there that your upper management should be wanting to focus their attention on.

    Good luck with your 4 tickets there , too and may you get more response than mine did (only the automated log) in a week.

    Bystander @ usa 1
  • BystanderBystander Posts: 14
    edited 24.10.2012
    This thread has gone 9 days without comment from mods or tech support. Can we please have an acknowledgment you at least know the process is defficient or better , if theres a FIX for this issue?

    Im still trying to relocate and getting nowhere. Many others share the frustration. Some players (Im not sure what portion) are able to utilize the feature. If theres a method and someone knows how , please enlighten those of us suffering here.
    Bystander @ usa 1
  • MacAtk2012MacAtk2012 Posts: 25
    edited 25.10.2012
    I finally got my castle moved it is strange process you just have click move and face the same page then you get an error then you press move again and you move!!!!!!!
    MacAtk2012 @ WWW 1
  • Lord GrumpLord Grump Posts: 14
    edited 29.03.2013
    MacAtk2012 wrote: »
    I finally got my castle moved it is strange process you just have click move and face the same page then you get an error then you press move again and you move!!!!!!!

    sounds wierd.
    I am willing to suspend my disbelief. I am unwilling to hang it by the neck until dead.
  • Vinny4 (NL1)Vinny4 (NL1) Posts: 5
    edited 29.03.2013
    i think i figured it out , when you are looking at the location when it becomes available , so when you are in "the relocation-menu" when its counting down and after the time is expired , if you click then you will get an error code saying : invalid location .. i've been clicking it for like 15 minutes , kept saying it , then i left the relocation menu , went straight back in , to the same location , Bang!empty castle , moving without a problem.
    Vinny4 @ nl 1

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