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The First Ruby Buyer



  • ElfangorElfangor Posts: 3,974
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    The next part will be coming out soon.
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  • FamousZack9FamousZack9 Posts: 2,943
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    Deleting post from earlier.
    (Part time)

  • swag like ohio3swag like ohio3 Posts: 1,853
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    Cool Elfangor. After being on the forum for a year now, I never saw this thread :D I haven't read any sections, but I will catch up. considering there are 203 replies already, it must mean it is good!
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  • ElfangorElfangor Posts: 3,974
    edited 08.05.2013
    They buried the lone rider at a very quiet, honorable spot in the Dominus Graveyard. The citizens had tried their best to make him comfortable in the end, for by bringing them the news of Kenrick's ascent to the throne he had become not only a hero but one of their neighbors.

    Terence greeted the line of mourners as it marched back towards the village. "I know it sounds as if all is lost, but we must not give up! We have come so far, so we must see this through!"

    The tavernkeeper, Bill, spoke up. "You tried your best, Terence. We all think this, but we just weren't fast enough. How are we going to take on Kenrick's forces when he has Generso?"

    "It's not too late!" Terence shouted. "If we move quickly, we just might make it to Generso before the bulk of Kenrick's forces arrive. All we have to do is take out the leader! You saw this when Kenrick came to Dominus."

    The miner's words were definitely having an effect. The crowd was stirring, regaining its spirit. The women were especially vocal.

    "I'm not going to stand by while a manure hauler is on the throne!"

    "It's our duty as citizens of Dominus! We fight or we die!"

    "I really want to use this sword! Come on, people!"

    Bill looked at his wife, for she was the one who had shouted this last line. The tavernkeeper shrugged. "It's decided then. We fight."

    A great cheer went out of Dominus that day. Some say that it caused Kenrick to quake when its echoes reached Castle Generso, and those people would be correct.
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  • Warrior_Lord (US1)Warrior_Lord (US1) US1 Posts: 2,225
    edited 08.05.2013
    Can you write the parts in the stories faster...i want to keep reading it
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  • stealth2502stealth2502 Posts: 25
    edited 08.05.2013
    reached the climax. so much tension. can't wait!!!
    stealth250 @ au 1
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  • stealth2502stealth2502 Posts: 25
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    how are you going/
    stealth250 @ au 1
  • Benjamin BaronBenjamin Baron Posts: 25
    edited 11.06.2013
    Keep writing!! We're all waiting to hear what comes next!
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  • 459killerbee459killerbee Posts: 846
    edited 11.06.2013
    Elfangor wrote: »
    Part 3

    Two seconds. Terence experienced for two seconds the feeling of knowing you are about to die before the rope snapped taut ending his fall so suddenly he almost lost his grip on his hammer. That hammer had been passed down from generation to generation, and it meant a great deal to him. That hammer was all he had left of his father and grandfather, so to lose it would be to lose them. The bats swirled around the edge seeming reluctant to follow the battered man down even though he was but 10 feet from the lip. Terence was scratched in a dozen different places, and the side where he had hit the wall of the pit would probably hurt for days. He needed to get back up knowing the rope would not hold him long. Hand over hand, the miner made his way back to the lip of that dreadful hole in the ground. By that time the bats had moved on through the cavern and were most likely making their way through the stone quarry, so Terence brushed himself off and examined the bodies of those bats who had met his hammer. The fur of these strange beasts was red, but it was not from blood. Picking one up, Terence estimated that the strangely colored thing had a wingspan of almost four feet. This was huge in comparison to the bats normally found in this region, and the red fur separated it even further from those regular inhabitants. Terence dropped the corpse, and he started to move away before noticing he was missing something. The sack containing all the iron and copper he had collected that day was nowhere to be found. He remembered laying it down before going over to the edge, but it wasn't by the stalagmite he had tied the rope to. Then it hit him. During his desperate attempts to drive the bats off, Terence must have kicked the sack right over the edge and into the pit. Tears came to his eyes with this knowledge, for without the coins he would have gotten upon trading that ore Terence wouldn't be able to buy his wife a gift! Looking over the edge of the hole, he could see a piece of something shiny perched on a ledge in the wall, but it soon fell out of sight. With a spirit quite beaten, he searched the area around the pit to see if anything had fallen out of the sack before it went over, but there was nothing left. Fearing what was to come, he slowly collected his hammer and started to walk out of the cavern. The poor man could not leave the place though not without searching around for something of value. After what seemed like hours, Terence saw a seemingly half-finished spire in the center of the rocky grounds growing upwards. It had an almost flat surface, and sitting there were ten red, shiny gems...

    Were is part 2, you went from part 1 to 3? Other wise nice story, keep it up.

    Canada Server!!


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  • ElfangorElfangor Posts: 3,974
    edited 11.06.2013
    I got rid of all the "Parts". I'm sorry I left the story for so long, but I will try to keep going this summer.
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  • ElfangorElfangor Posts: 3,974
    edited 10.07.2013
    It was early in the morning when Terence kissed his wife good-bye and hugged his sons. "Make sure your mother doesn't come after me!" Terence joked. He wasn't really worried that Macala would do such a thing, and when tears came to the woman's eyes Terence went back and wrapped his arms around her. She buried her face in his shoulder, and he whispered calming words in her ear. She looked up at him. "Just come back. Make sure you come back..." Terence stared first at her, then at his two sons, and then back into his wife's eyes. "I promise that you will see me again. I will come back to you."

    He met up with Marcus on his way to the gate. "Do you really think we can do this?" The trader asked. Terence looked at his friend and nodded. "I do. I know we can." Marcus was quiet then, thinking. No doubt he was running various scenarios through his mind, but Terence wasn't focused on that stuff. He knew that the people of Dominus had inner strength that Kenrick and his men did not, and this gave them a huge advantage in Terence's mind.

    200 people were assembled at the gate. 140 were armed with the best equipment rubies could provide, and these people were members of the Guard. 60 older men, former woodcutters and quarry men, had gathered old tools and some leather armor, and these elders probably shouldn't go along with the Guard to battle Kenrick's men. They weren't going to stand by with the women and children though. Terence really hadn't said anything to this group, but he thought they'd be OK as long as he kept them near the back.

    "Move out!" Terence shouted, and the small army marched through the gate and onwards towards Castle Generso on a well-worn trade route. The miner would lead everyone off of this path before a final straight stretch near the fortress. Then, through the woods they would go, and hopefully, if they were quiet and careful, the soldiers of Dominus would have the element of surprise on their side...

    **5 hours later**

    Castle Generso was a stronghold indeed. High, stone walls rose up in front of the people of Dominus, who were hiding in the woods not 100 yards away from the gate. This defensive feature was even more imposing than the walls, for it had redstone on top. In the distance, the keep stood like a giant, watching them.

    Luckily, the army hadn't been heard or spotted. Terence could see a couple of men walking the walls, but they weren't on high alert. He turned to his soldiers. "OK, I want fifty men on each flank. Forty of them will be in the siege tower while ten men will be pushing or pulling it. These soldiers will have mantlets. After you reach the wall, go up the tower and follow the others. The rest of us will take on the gate. That's one-hundred men. We have two iron rams, and each ram will be held by ten men. Each ram-holder will be accompanied by a soldier with a mantlet. The last sixty men," Terence looked at the elderly group. "Will follow behind as fast as they can."

    Terence asked if everyone was ready, and they all nodded. "Alright, let's go."
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  • NationConquerorNationConqueror Posts: 2,273
    edited 10.07.2013
    Wow... two months later! Still, I'm glad to see you haven't stopped the story altogether, Elfangor!
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    The stars shall guide us to the oasis, to sanctuary, to refuge. We have no reason to fear.
  • Oreo8Oreo8 Posts: 64
    edited 10.07.2013
    Great story! Keep it up :)
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  • Cyber5Cyber5 Posts: 1
    edited 11.07.2013
    Absolutely amazing story! I don't read many books but if you would make a book like this I would buy it for sure.
    Can't wait for more!

    Cyber @ skn 1
  • saiyasaclasersaiyasaclaser Posts: 25
    edited 12.07.2013
    This story is amazing. I would definitely buy this if it got published.
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  • Labib62Labib62 Posts: 151
    edited 28.07.2013
    cool story :)
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  • WardianWardian Posts: 1,017
    edited 31.07.2013
    Just read the entire story in one go! Amazing! I hope you haven't forgot about this Elfangor. You are a brilliant writer and I would love to see more. You have even inspired me to take up writing again. You will see my story soon.
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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0
    edited 31.07.2013
    Keep it up Elfangor.
  • ElfangorElfangor Posts: 3,974
    edited 09.08.2013
    Bill the bartender drew in a large breath, and Terence, knowing what was about to happen, slapped his hand over his neighbor's mouth. "No," the miner whispered, "Quietly! We go as quietly as we can, but when we're spotted, raise hell!"

    The gathered troops punched their fists into the air, a silent cheer. Then, they began to move forward. The siege towers rumbled forward, and the men holding the iron rams couldn't help grunting every once in a while. Those things were heavy. Both types of siege tools had been expensive as well. Terence only had 10 rubies left. Ironic, he thought. The miner couldn't finish the thought though, for a shout of "Intruders!" snapped him back to reality. His army had been discovered!

    Terence raised his famous hammer and shouted, "Charge!"

    And then the soldiers began pushing the siege towers and getting the rams to the gates as fast as they could, not caring about how much noise they made. Each and every man and woman was shouting, screaming in defiance of Kenrick's rule.

    Looking around, Terence saw arrows appearing on mantlets and in the ground. THUMP-"Ah!" One of the older men had been hit! The miner scolded himself for not thinking to give them protection against bowmen, but he had to focus on keeping alive himself! They were almost at the wall!

    The siege towers smashed into the wall, and the first crashes of an iron ram hitting a castle gate sounded. With each successive hit, the people of Dominus let out another cheer! Terence looked over and saw Marcus climbing into and up a siege tower. His people were on the wall, fighting!

    "Come on!" The miner shouted, relieving one of the soldiers working a ram. "These gates are almost finished!" BOOM...BOOM...CRASH! The way into the castle grounds was clear!
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