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a bug after chosing a spot to move my castle



  • SalaAdventurerSalaAdventurer Posts: 25
    edited 26.09.2012
    I'm still moving have 12 hours left but now i see my place is taken by a new player...
    (how ridiculous is that)
    SalaAdventurer @ nl 1
  • UltimateJhonUltimateJhon Posts: 767
    edited 26.09.2012
    i chose a spot to move to and a new player appeared there so i asked for my free turn back and they said they gave it to me and now it is trying to charge me 5k rubys
    i demand my free turn back!!!!!!!!!
    General of Greek empire.

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  • bbcofpeacebbcofpeace Posts: 15
    edited 26.09.2012
    in on castle move that didnt move
    bbcofpeace @ usa 1
  • BobFighter834 (INT2)BobFighter834 (INT2) Posts: 2,762
    edited 26.09.2012
    KasSoloMC wrote: »
    thats the bad part .... who would want to pay 5k rubies for a "chance" to move

    Um... every single decent player who would get an advantage from moving. 5K rubies is nothing. From memory, getting a bakery up to level 4 costs ~30K rubies. Multiply that by 7 and you've got a hell of a lot of rubies to get. 5K is not going to set you very far behind. Remember that there's level 60s playing this game who pay literally thousands of dollars/pounds/euros.
    BobFighter834 - International 2.

    "It's not about the rubies, rubies, rubies
    We don't need your rubies, rubies, rubies
    We just wanna make the world dance
    Forget about the price tag" - by Jessie J (sort of)

    To contact support, you can:

    1. Click here - http://support.goodgamestudios.com/
    2. Click on "help" and "support" in-game (top-right of your screen - blue question mark)
    3. Type "Goodgame Empire Support" into Google.
  • sir boefiesir boefie Posts: 3
    edited 26.09.2012
    i have exactly the same problem, there is now a level 4 player on my spot. and the other spot logical is further down.. and now i have to pay for it... very nice...
    sir boefie @ nl 1
  • Eric768 (US1)Eric768 (US1) US1 Posts: 7,183
    edited 27.09.2012
    I can't even manage to find an open spot. All of them have waiting periods for when they can be moved into, and whenever I try, it is filled automatically. I can't even get it right away because as soon as it opens, it closes right away. There is not one open spot on the entire map that I can see.
    Proud to have been one of the longest serving members on USA1
    Advocate of speaking up regarding mental health and seeking help
    ***Currently Retired from playing GGE***

    Rest well Jason; a fantastic player and an even greater person. Gone but not forgotten.
  • 7Jon7Jon Posts: 1
    edited 27.09.2012
    my castle just didn't move. it said it would in 24 hours last night but i went on tonight it hadn't moved and i can attack people again. also i can't just pick out a new spot because it costs 5,000 rubies. this is frustrating.

    now there is a newbie in my spot!!!!!! not fair at all.
    this is ridiculous
    7Jon @ usa 1
  • LiftZeusLiftZeus Posts: 2
    edited 27.09.2012
    i was waiting for 2 days to move close to my friend but now i just see "errorCode: 6:INVALID POSITION"

    why i cant move after waiting the ruin is free ?
    LiftZeus @ usa 1
  • pinku2pinku2 Posts: 9
    edited 27.09.2012
    i chose a empty spot and click it for relocation. My management menu shows me that i will be relocated in 24 hrs. From that time no resources and attack is possible in or out from my castle. I surrender my op to capture new one at my new location.
    But after 24 hrs. i am at my older position.(only 1 time it disable my relocation option in management menu and showing that 14 days time ) . but after i refresh that option is also enable....
    Bug that causes me loss and set me in confusion

    Thread merged with one on existing topic - Bunzy
    pinku @ en 1
  • camo2795 (AU1)camo2795 (AU1) Posts: 423
    edited 27.09.2012
    ok first it migth still be moving if it isnt then contact support
    camo2795 @ en 1
    Server: uk1
    Level: 45
    Honour: 1026
    title: count platine
    Allince: Citezens advice(Genrel)
  • Pdawg4uPdawg4u Posts: 2
    edited 27.09.2012
    Same thing happened to me. Has this issue been resoulved? i went to the location where i was supposed to move to and theres a new player there.
    Pdawg4u @ usa 1
  • MaJeStiicMaJeStiic Posts: 367
    edited 27.09.2012
    Also have a new castle where my castle is supposed to be moving. I'm assuming that it's not going to move, and it will cost me 5,000 rubies to try again.

    Leader of Dream Team on USA 1 server. Follow our battles here! http://goo.gl/Aqqua
  • Fraser71Fraser71 Posts: 42
    edited 27.09.2012
    Same for me too and will now have to pay 5000 rubies if I want to move!
    Fraser71 @ en 1
  • Pdawg4uPdawg4u Posts: 2
    edited 27.09.2012
    I have the same prob too waited the 24 hours and someone new is where i should have been. has anyone actually made a successful move?
    Pdawg4u @ usa 1
  • UltimateLaneUltimateLane Posts: 1
    edited 27.09.2012
    same thing happened to me, now i will have to pay 5000 rubies to move..when i chose my spot, it said it would take 24 hours and wouldn't let me attack barron castles until after the move. I kept an eye on the count down and when it got to 3 more hours i logged off and figured i would get back on after and see my new location...but i was still at my old location and now i will have to pay for a move...this needs to be fixed!!!! I also lost my good locations because of it.
    UltimateLane @ usa 1
  • keleesinetkeleesinet Posts: 1
    edited 27.09.2012
    Having the same problem too, a newbie popped out on my spot
    keleesinet @ au 1
  • WisefireWisefire Posts: 2,941
    edited 27.09.2012
    it happened to me too
    Level:64 Alliance:EASTERN EMPIRE Title:Elector
    "If love is BLIND then what is love at first SIGHT?"
  • SuperLouSuperLou Posts: 1
    edited 27.09.2012
    i put in to move castle and it put a flag ware i wanted to go and i have 10.9 hours left to wait and now after 14 hours flag is gone and castle is still ware it was

    Thread merged with one on existing topic - Bunzy
    SuperLou @ usa 1
  • PurplePancakesPurplePancakes Posts: 219
    edited 27.09.2012
    the person who was in ruins came back or you just went to late and someone else took it
    Thanks to DarknessGhost for this signature.
  • Bhatti RajpootBhatti Rajpoot Posts: 1
    edited 28.09.2012
    same happend here! when i choose a ruin to fix my own and after few hours there was a new player

    this update is still inactive for us
    please activate GGS team
    people need to shift their loved one once
    ~~ A fear not who fears Allah (GOD) ~~

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