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War Machines

MAXRuler0MAXRuler0 Posts: 198
I think defenders should be able to add war machines onto their wall, there should be extra slots to put these machines onto. It should work like this:
Ballista: 150 attack power, 5% bonus for defenders on the side (10 food)
Catapult: 200 attack power, 7% bonus for defenders on the occupied side (20 food)
and trebutolis: 225 attack power 10% bonus for defenders on the occupied side (30 food)
These tools could be unlocked by adding a building: Machinery Workshop which should have levels.
This idea could help defenders who have to survive coordinated attacks.
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  • Baldrick (GB1)Baldrick (GB1) Posts: 4,948
    edited 22.09.2012
    No more tools please!

    If we introduce these, they would just make something to counteract it so there's no point.

    No more buildings either please!

    I don't want to have to demolish any more festival squares.

    Support protects players against coordinated attacks. Use that instead.
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  • it904it904 Posts: 168
    edited 22.09.2012
    i think it is a good idea but the resource costs should be high 2 build the tools and the workshops should cost rubies
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  • marco37marco37 Posts: 778
    edited 22.09.2012
    i agreed with Baldrick, no more tools pls!
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