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Military camps

MAXRuler0MAXRuler0 Posts: 198
So here is an idea. I did an espionage on team bsk's capitol today (don't tell them that;)) and they had about 21,000 defenders who were mostly in the keep.
And i thought that it was a bit unrealistic to fit 21,000 defenders in one castle. I am not saying GGS should put a limit I am just suggesting what they could do to make it more realistic.
Firstly, the amount of soldiers put in the castle should be determined by the castle size and keep level eg: Full castle lvl four keep = 5500 troops in castle (not that many would have this much). (The rest should be camped outside the castle, after an espionage mission a castle with more than this will be shown on the map with tents around it)
Secondly there should be new tools, for both attackers and defenders in these camps.
GGS should also implement another wave for level 55's and above.
(I know that in medievil times defenders didn't usually camp outside the castle but be realistic, GGS castles aren't the biggest castles.)
There should also be an option for attackers to camp as well and wait for alliance members to join the camp before attacking.
P.S I know the title seems a bit like something that has already been suggested and the attackers camp has already been suggested but the first part is completely different.
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