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Further Food Supplies

FlyingpigzFlyingpigz Posts: 294
I know that food is food, but I just realized this game is lacking livestock, instead it only has wheat/grain.

Maybe the livestock pen can be an extension off the castle wall, and you have to buy/breed cattle. Doing so would be expensive but it would give you the extra food supplies you may need in war.

Since the livestock pen is outside, when you raid other castles you have the possibility to steal cattle.

If you neglect your cattle for long periods of time it will die.

This is basically an investment for more food at a later date.

Tell me what you think and suggestions would be helpful!!!
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  • Victor Mireles2Victor Mireles2 Posts: 162
    edited 04.09.2012
    I like your idea, but most people will see it as pointless. That what they said to my idea and it was somewhat similer to yours.
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  • xJadetsssxxJadetsssx Posts: 5,983
    edited 04.09.2012
    The only way I see this Idea useful is increasing the food production for a while, but we already have overseers, but It could be a very expensive and hard to get way, so players who doesn't buy a lot of rubies, or don't buy at all can get a small food boost without buying an overseers, but anyway, the overseers don't cost a lot
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