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Additional management space for alliances.



  • CoomZy (GB1)CoomZy (GB1) Posts: 6
    edited 20.10.2012
    Great idea
    CoomZy @ en 1
  • Baldrick (GB1)Baldrick (GB1) Posts: 4,948
    edited 29.10.2012
    CoomZy4 wrote: »
    Great idea

    Thanks CoomZy, hopefully we see some additional space soon.

    (pathetic attempt to cover up a blatant bump)
    It's been a while.....

  • Edboy003Edboy003 Posts: 4
    edited 29.10.2012
    I think there should be also more flexable aliance positions, as in more leaders and being able to name the positions and create your own. Also, there should be a more advanced donation system and anouncement center.
    I am THE BOSS!
  • zack1315zack1315 Posts: 86
    edited 29.10.2012
    i think it is a great idea alot of the member of my alliance ST Kings are unactive at times so i think his would be a great addition
    zack1315 @ usa 1
  • Lord SmitheLord Smithe Posts: 3,803
    edited 29.10.2012
    great idea! i think this would work well
    General Of Neph-TDL
    Part of the Nephilim Family
    Lord Smithe @ usa 1
  • sdkdp2sdkdp2 Posts: 10
    edited 29.10.2012
    i think this is a great idea if i and there should also be a way to communicate between leaders of alinces that you're allied to
    sdkdp @ usa 1
  • edited 29.10.2012
    i think this owuld help alot becuase mass email probly never gets read lol
  • JonBerserk7 (US1)JonBerserk7 (US1) Posts: 9,135
    edited 29.10.2012
    this just happens to be a very good idea that i would like to see. i was kinda gettin' tired of asking my leader bout all the stuff that this could cover.
    JonBerserk7 @ usa 1
  • edited 29.10.2012
    Space out your replies for Baldrick's precious bumps... XD
    ProStrategos @ EN 1

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  • F1RST3F1RST3 Posts: 52
    edited 29.10.2012
    Meisangry wrote: »
    I dont see the point, what we have is fine and this seems to be a way to sneak in more rubbish that no-one will read any more than they will already.

    I voted no and I am in one of the strongest alliances in Int2...

    im 40 and have played strategy browsers for 3/4 years ive played on most of the top games at a high level and ran many top ranked alliances.
    lots of games have this function and it is a massive help in co ordinating an alliance.

    because we dont have these functions my alliance has been forced to produce its own forum.
    this type of update would remove the need for external forums and save the time and effort of having to open an external page to veiw alliance info.
  • shapantshapant Posts: 5
    edited 31.10.2012
    good idea i like it
    shapant @ en 1
  • wild1wild1 Posts: 2
    edited 27.12.2012
    Absolutely necessary.... frustrating there is not enough room to define some rules of engagement for an alliance..
    wild1 @ en 1
  • edited 27.12.2012
    I like this idea because I'm all for keeping all game guidelines, updates, needs, etc. in the game. I know some alliances use whole forums, but honestly, I'd like to keep it all in-game, so more room would really help.
  • pero9421pero9421 Posts: 1
    edited 27.12.2012
    I vote yes :)
    pero9421 @ en 1
  • swag like ohio3swag like ohio3 Posts: 1,853
    edited 27.12.2012
    Baldrick wrote: »
    Firstly, I do know this has been mentioned before but I think it's time for a poll to see if this is something we can have added to the game.

    I feel that the current announcement page, which is combined with recent alliance activity is insufficient for our alliance needs.

    I think the current announcement section should be replaced with a row of buttons which take you to five customizable pages of information. Each page would have space to write instructions for your alliance.

    As a suggestion, the five pages could be as follows.....

    1. Alliance Rules

    2. Alliance Targets

    3. Alliances with verbal agreements not covered by pacts or NAAs

    4. Future plans

    5. Holiday notes by members if they are to become inactive for any reason.

    Obviously each alliance can make their own pages and add any information they want.

    It would also be nice to hear from a mod to find out if this idea would have any side effects in relation to server space or game lag.

    Your views on this would be greatly appreciated.

    I like the idea. it's to hard to fit all info on the tiny sheet they give you!
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] Destiny Awaits...
  • FoggyWarriorFoggyWarrior Posts: 185
    edited 27.12.2012
    Great idea, any leader of an alliance will find this useful, including me.
    suggestions, maybe the page can be sent to all members when it is altered or updated, and maybe there could be locked pages that only specific ranks could access (general, sergeant)
    any leader all players would like this coz then we al know what is going on
  • Noble_MattNoble_Matt Posts: 39
    edited 27.12.2012
    I like this idea. But I think maybe you have to buy the extra slots. Even 100,000 rubies each is a fair price.
    Noble_Matt @ WWW 1
  • FoggyWarriorFoggyWarrior Posts: 185
    edited 27.12.2012
    Noble_Matt wrote: »
    I like this idea. But I think maybe you have to buy the extra slots. Even 100,000 rubies each is a fair price.

    no then no one would do it just leave it like baldrick said
  • Noble_MattNoble_Matt Posts: 39
    edited 27.12.2012
    Make it there is only 3 or something 5 is cramped.
    Noble_Matt @ WWW 1
  • madperson (INT1)madperson (INT1) Posts: 337
    edited 27.12.2012
    I think this is a great idea. Just a few hours ago, I spent hours trying to fit all the announcements into the little area provided. There's the diplomacy, targets, rules, upcoming events, important information... It would all be a lot simpler if there was a more developed area where alliance leaders and generals can put all the different information.

    What's great about this idea is that it suits the needs of each alliance because we can make up the names of each sheet, meaning that this idea suits the needs of any alliance. everything can be organised into different sections therefore improving the alliance's organisation. Your suggestions are very good Baldrick. Also, there could be a price of resources, coins and rubies to create each page to make GGE happy but it shouldn't be too expensive or alliances won't use it! Great ideas.
    Madperson @ WWW 1
    Level 70, active.



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