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Best Defence



  • nova sniper 117nova sniper 117 Posts: 25
    edited 29.08.2012
    i use 50 each flank i use only long bow men and halberdiers but if you have research tower you should get veteran soldiers they are the best you can buy and you should have stone throwing in 2 slots o one flank with one flaming arrows then the other flank use 2 flaming arrows and one slot but make the one with more flaming arrows put more ranged defenders and more melee defenders in the other and if you have a moat use moat tools and if you want you can use like 1000 dummys so if some one spys on you they think you have so many defenders they dont attack or if they are really strong they send a lot and you lose terribly hop this helped

  • Catholic ZackCatholic Zack Posts: 12
    edited 29.08.2012
    If you use the 50/0/50 defense should you waste stone throwings and castle gate reinforcements in that slot?
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  • xJadetsssxxJadetsssx Posts: 5,983
    edited 29.08.2012
    yes, you do waste those tools
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  • SomakanthiGamerSomakanthiGamer Posts: 15
    edited 14.03.2014
    Ok if u are not a ruby player u must have one flank 65% melee and 35% ranged, defend one side because its a pain if u are defending all three. Right now u are in level 39 or something so u may need to level up to get to the moat but get their and fill the moat with spikes.

    That's all for now
    SomakanthiGamer @ au 1
  • repinsrepins Posts: 3
    edited 30.03.2014
    100/0/0 or 0/0/100 is the only thing that you should ever use. With 80/20 m/r ratio. With moat tools and rocks.
    repins @ usa 1
  • Obelix.Obelix. Posts: 31
    edited 23.09.2014
    attacks coming through the wall 50/0/50 but a castle bailiff 90/90 with arrows in each field and moat

    everything is ruby tool :)

    him that attack comes ogsaå with 90/90 with very ruby Tool

    but he gets +30 :(
  • Barnacleez (US1)Barnacleez (US1) Posts: 2,833
    edited 23.09.2014
    0-100-0, 100-0-0, and 0-0-100 are the best ways. On the 100, put 80-90% melee and every tool you have, because melee troops cannot be weakened.
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  • Obelix.Obelix. Posts: 31
    edited 23.09.2014
    OK I'm trying. but they are many ruby shields with :(
  • Highness Ho (GB1)Highness Ho (GB1) Posts: 2,763
    edited 23.09.2014
    of course changing the setting depending on he attack is what to do but when offline go for a 0-0-100 or 100-0-0
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  • deleteenddeleteend Posts: 2
    edited 23.09.2014
  • zdestroyer (US1)zdestroyer (US1) Posts: 86
    edited 16.10.2014
    as a level 50 trying to defend against level 70 players they say try to hold 2 flanks cant be done as most large levels do fill up each flank they attack in and they bring shield walls and manlets tat zero out any ranged defence you have so your left with defending 1 flank left or right and with 100% melee defenders because like i said they zero out your ranged defense also where are the tools to increase melee defense power for each flank if any one can tell me please let me know
    zdestroyer @ usa 1
  • Cho Gath (GB1)Cho Gath (GB1) Posts: 670
    edited 16.10.2014
    Make same set up as every ruby buyer only use ruby tools insted or armourer.If you cannot afford to buy ruby tools that means you aren`t looting and you aren`t playing this game right.You get around 20 rubies per tower in ice (for lower levels without fire and sands) so if you hit 5 towers a day and get rubies from 3 of them thats over 400 rubies per week.Then if you unlock sand map you can hit forts that gives 280 rubies each.

    00-00-100,75m/25r.Tar pitch kettle in two slots(4 min),bulwarks in one slot(4min.),thats for one section of wall,of course one where you put troops.
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  • TheCatGod (US1)TheCatGod (US1) Posts: 394
    edited 16.10.2014
    Thanks for bumping a 2 year old thread guys... -_-
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  • vaneckpn (US1)vaneckpn (US1) Posts: 6
    edited 30.05.2015
    not anymore sir
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