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The Hanging Noose - Pub Now Open!



  • Relis (ASIA1)Relis (ASIA1) Posts: 1,402
    ok ok 
    A Proud Member Asian Sensation.Which is a sub of Drunken Fist (But now we looks like a restaurant).
    18th in berimond invasion without buying rubies or having a bakery.
    Most active member of Asian Sensation.
    I always be alone in alliance chat like 3-4 hours :D
  • Akhil50 (IN1)Akhil50 (IN1) Posts: 4,347
    edited 12.03.2016
    InsaneDuckling (GB1) said:
    Far better than Cyclone's Pub. Now leave it to rest, the Noose has served its purpose.

    You mean...

    Still a Potter-head.  And a starboii

    Might Points - Everything you need to know about them is the 2nd most viewed thread in the section with over 40k views, go take a look for some mighty info :)

    [email protected]
  • InsaneDuckling (GB1)InsaneDuckling (GB1) Posts: 19,271
    edited 12.03.2016
    Aye. It's been a long time since the Noose began, and many, many events have happened since. But it is the wish of the current owner that the Noose is left to rest. 
    Bazooka Duck of Fire | High Councillor of Inrazimad | That Person with an Addiction to Cookies 

    Um . . . I don't have enough titles. I must brainstorm!

    @au1 ~ graceL.H.E - Level 70 - Storm Cloaks - The Terrible
    @en1 ~ InsaneDuckling - Level 70 - New Vision - The Terrible

    One of those weird old players who became all sentimental after leaving the game before they could see dear old Empire rot away even more. 
  • Rajan37 (IN1)Rajan37 (IN1) Posts: 5,838
    RIP noose.
    "The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong"
    ~Mahatma Gandhi
    Level 70 
    Part Of UAL
    @ Indian server
  • Oh, that one that I made with a friend IRL...

    He claimed that all lover story fans have read twilight...
  • TBH Twilight movie sucks

    Books were only a little better
    Diplomat of DF SPARTANS

    GGS ---> http://prnt.sc/abb42k

  • Zuko (IN1)Zuko (IN1) IN1 Posts: 62
    Part of UAL

    Ps: I am Rajan37 from the old forums 

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