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More Research?

ElfangorElfangor Posts: 3,974
edited 24.08.2012 in Players ask Players
Does anyone know if GGE is planning on making more research divisions or any more things under the existing ones? I'd like to see more...
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  • ceaser11ceaser11 Posts: 52
    edited 21.08.2012
    that would be cool like more veterans
  • edited 21.08.2012
    If they introduce a bigger storage building, I guess you can expect something like that. The current veterans almost cost you a full warehouse worth of wood and stone.
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  • edited 22.08.2012
    I would like veteran 2 handed swordsmen and veteran heavy crossbows. They should be really powerful
  • LOL LOL2LOL LOL2 Posts: 566
    edited 22.08.2012
    well this game is still in beta mode so probably further done the line.
  • BadgameBadgame Posts: 399
    edited 22.08.2012
    Badgame From the World 2

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  • Empire_LordEmpire_Lord Posts: 254
    edited 22.08.2012
    i dont know what i know is they want to make capital city
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  • ElfangorElfangor Posts: 3,974
    edited 24.08.2012
    Some of those new areas sound really good Badgame! Especially the one about increasing market barrow compacity
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