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Moat level 2

SvetovnaSilaSvetovnaSila Posts: 583
Tittle says all. Shold we have moat land castle moat level 2 or not? Moat level 2 will give lik 15 % protection and castle moat lvl 2 like 25% protections. I would be glad hear critics and discusses.
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  • Dun Gon (INT2)Dun Gon (INT2) Posts: 3,656
    edited 14.08.2012
    It would also be nicer if moat lvl 2 had just a little more stone in it, like how the keep lvl 2 is, compared to the keep lvl 2 and lvl 3. But castle moat should also be a lot nicer. And it should have more slots for tools?
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  • SvetovnaSilaSvetovnaSila Posts: 583
    edited 14.08.2012
    Yes Dun Gon, you are correct.
  • Dusan007 (generic1)Dusan007 (generic1) Posts: 532
    edited 14.08.2012
    Well there is already problems with ruby moats (cost : 12,500 ruby ) because they add only 20 % protection...
    so this will make problem even bigger ...
    Because then players will be able to have 15 % protection without rubies ...
    That mean Ruby players wasted 12500 rubies just for 5 % more protection ...
    I think this forum will be filed up with complains about it ...
    .... I left this forum ....
    If you want to contact me find me in Internal 1 :)
    nick : Dusan007
    Dont hesitate to send me message

    And remember :
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  • SvetovnaSilaSvetovnaSila Posts: 583
    edited 14.08.2012
    okay Dusan, your thinking is right, but they would have still more protection then un rubie players
  • mathhead2mathhead2 Posts: 76
    edited 14.08.2012
    ya they should have more protection
    proud general of Spartan Camelot and a proud member of camelot
  • SvetovnaSilaSvetovnaSila Posts: 583
    edited 14.08.2012
    thanks for support mathhead2:). anyone esle have any critics?
  • nano121nano121 Posts: 177
    edited 14.08.2012
    hmmm well if we had moat level 2 we would need the ruby moat to be stronger

    i thank dusan0072 for my signature
  • SvetovnaSilaSvetovnaSila Posts: 583
    edited 14.08.2012
    okay, yes you are right +10 % so 30% protection by castle moat lvl 2
  • BadgameBadgame Posts: 399
    edited 15.08.2012
    In my opinion castle moat should cost 5000 rubies lvl 1, 8000 rubies lvl 2, 12500 rubies level 3 and 20000 rubies lvl 4
    lvl 1 20 % lvl 2 30 % lvl 3 40 % lvl 4 50 %

    normal moat will be
    lvl 1 10 % lvl 2 15 % lvl 3 20 % lvl 4 30 %
    Badgame From the World 2

    My name is Badgame because i thought this game gonna be bad, because its a "goodgame" empire


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