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the champconqthe champconq Posts: 190
I think to make the game more interesting battle wise you guys should add a blockade feature where players can station soldiers outside someone’s castle blocking off market borrow travels and they can’t to that location but only attack if they want to be able to station and the blockade is far enough away that the soldiers have to travel to it but its close enough that it blocks everything and there are 2 ways to get threw by either attacking it or paying the fee but if they don't pay the fee you can just take the resources and have them sent to your castle. Also you can set a blockade in front of your own castle as another wave of defense for your castle. this also adds more stategy to the game and more ways of hitting your enemies in times of war.

the shadow factor
you can also set up shadow blockades with your shadow mercineries so the person you blockading doesn't even know its there so you can just causualy just keep taking and attacking their transports.
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shadow heros the first division of the shadow family and the head division


  • the champconqthe champconq Posts: 190
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    so what do you guys think
    shadow heros the first division of the shadow family and the head division
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