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Capture Something New (Read on for the Idea)

LordEssenceLordEssence Posts: 81
Hey Guys,
Im back with a new idea(seeing my last one about a olympic stadium was a success).
Im thinking that after level 55 you really don't have much to do. So what about this-
Ruins use up a lot of space on the world map so maybe we could capture them.
I know about how ruins have levels and when they go to level 0 they dissapear.
But after they go to level 0 maybe they could stay a week and in that week you would be able to capture it.
The ruins is another outpost but with smaller space but 3 100% plant productions for all plants.
Umm lemme think Nothing
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  • beiber feverbeiber fever Posts: 281
    edited 12.07.2012
    I think that would cause problems because all the very powerful players would capture all the ruins really quick and there would be none left for the other players and there would be nothing they could do about it. Also the estate would have to be upgraded to level 4 to enable this. I think its a good idea though so i suggest that it could be done a different way. Right now there are players with two one or zero outposts so when they level up their outposts i think they should be able to capture the castles in ruins. But there is no point in that because thats pretty much the exact same idea as outposts so i overall dont like the idea
  • Luke FieryswordLuke Fierysword Posts: 2,290
    edited 12.07.2012
    Perhaps you can only capture two ruins then?
  • 12kroko12kroko Posts: 243
    edited 12.07.2012
    I already have plenty to do considering i have 7 castles to work on i really dont need additional castles
  • Luke FieryswordLuke Fierysword Posts: 2,290
    edited 12.07.2012
    Besides, when you're level 60, you're supposed to go on constant warfare, that is what you work for all those levels
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