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more storage capacity

Serious BlackSerious Black Posts: 752
:?::?: I think there should be higher storage capacity (100000), cause I think it will be better for us - we can build more buildings and decorative items in shorter time. Agree, disagree, critics and suggestions are welcomed!
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  • AmazingNikAmazingNik Posts: 13
    edited 04.07.2012
    agreed but after wanting such huge volumes of stone to upgrade the level 4 walls and towers dont we need bigger barrows

    AmazingNik @ en 1
  • LOL LOL2LOL LOL2 Posts: 566
    edited 04.07.2012
    i guess that would be helpful storage 6, but we need woodcutters 10 and stone quarry 10
  • angelsfromgodangelsfromgod Posts: 34
    edited 04.07.2012
    I like the idea of a storage level 6. Also I suggest with the new wall, towers, and gate upgrade there should be a keep level 4 upgrade because it looks like goofy without the keep being upgraded.
    angelsfromgod @ WWW 2

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  • ~Farsight~~Farsight~ Posts: 852
    edited 04.07.2012
    there is already a storage lvl 6
    you men storage lvl 7
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    lvl 56 and growing only 4 more to go!!! if i can count them on my fingers i can certainly do it on the game!!!:D
  • Serious BlackSerious Black Posts: 752
    edited 04.07.2012
    thx all of you for criticsm and posting on my thread. I thank all posters that will post here after you guys.
    I thank DeltaPhoenix for my siggy.
  • xJadetsssxxJadetsssx Posts: 5,983
    edited 04.07.2012
    I agree and is an excellent Idea, but I think there is no need for a 200% bonus of speed of a level 4 keep, until they make new levels for the buildings ;)
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  • MeisangryMeisangry Posts: 113
    edited 04.07.2012
    I think an upgrade is needed quite badly.. Im getting close to the limit a lot and more room would be needed greatly
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Proud member of Bloody Blades
  • Serious BlackSerious Black Posts: 752
    edited 04.07.2012
    thx all for support, waiting more posts and critics, and sure agreemwnts :);=)
    I thank DeltaPhoenix for my siggy.
  • Andrea50Andrea50 Posts: 342
    edited 05.07.2012
    Not needed just means people would steal more and only the really good players who don;t need it take it.
  • ScanxScanx Posts: 24
    edited 05.07.2012
    More storage + carts would be good.

    Or even if we could research it in the tower to have more storage and carts as it is only really the higher level players that need it.
    Scanx - Playing on World 2 -
  • UltimatePenguinUltimatePenguin Posts: 80
    edited 18.08.2012
    bigger carts!!!!
    UltimatePenguin @ 1
  • Luke FieryswordLuke Fierysword Posts: 2,290
    edited 18.08.2012
    Take a look at my thread: "rented storage capacity"
    Roman Empire

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  • edited 18.08.2012
    good idea :)
  • penguinservantpenguinservant Posts: 20
    edited 18.08.2012
    if the storage increases, then we need biggeer carts!!!!!!!
    penguinservant @ WWW 1

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