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buy resources in the market?



  • Campo2Campo2 Posts: 29
    edited 26.06.2012
    There was another game I was playing similar to this one.. Kingdoms of Camelot.. I did like how they had the market set up.. If you had a surplus of .. lets say wood.. You could sell your wood in the Market for Gold.. You set the price.. Set it too high and no one would buy it.. You could see what others were selling their wood for and under cut them.. Depending on how far away the person you were buying the resources from determined when they would be available for use. Gold is the form of currency. Need more gold? Sell a resource you have a surplus of. Need a resource? Buy it on the local market from the lowest seller.

    Love this idea. A bit like the market feature in Travian.
    Campo @ WWW 2
  • WuerfelWillyWuerfelWilly Posts: 2,027
    edited 27.06.2012
    Great Idea cant wait for this feature.

    The feature is already in the game. The Resourcetrader will appear once in a while :)


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