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Discussion - Update next week (4.6-8.6)

WuerfelWillyWuerfelWilly Posts: 2,027
Please discuss about the new update that will be launched next week:


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  • bobbysbrobobbysbro Posts: 1,265
    edited 01.06.2012
    sounds good
    Level 70
    Bobbysbro @ world 1



  • Dusan007 (generic1)Dusan007 (generic1) Posts: 532
    edited 01.06.2012
    HAHAH now my guards houses will be weary handy :D
    let the espionage war begin :D
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  • Viko27Viko27 Posts: 17
    edited 01.06.2012
    Yes, the sabotage is nice: now my guard houses also will be tested :)
    The tournament also sounds great. i really hope it will be something cool, and with nice prices :)
    Viko27 @ 1
  • Aldreni-WarriorAldreni-Warrior Posts: 153
    edited 01.06.2012
    Whats does the Top.100 wins?
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  • Viko27Viko27 Posts: 17
    edited 01.06.2012
    we don't know yet
    Viko27 @ 1
  • DamianFighterDamianFighter Posts: 65
    edited 01.06.2012
    Whats does the Top.100 wins?

    I hope cash :D just kidding.
    DamianFighter @ WWW 2
  • DarkDarkDima238DarkDarkDima238 Posts: 19
    edited 01.06.2012
    Well, I better get started lowering my honor to 0. I don;t have a single player in a radius of 100 miles who I can attack without losing honor.
    DarkDarkDima238 @ WWW 1
  • 12kroko12kroko Posts: 243
    edited 02.06.2012
    The top 100 will probably be a small amount of rubies so in a way it is cash
    12kroko @ WWW 1
  • Andrea50Andrea50 Posts: 342
    edited 02.06.2012
    I think maybe they might open up the achievements this update also I think it is coins, stone, wood and some rubies.
  • nano121nano121 Posts: 177
    edited 02.06.2012
    sounds fun

    to cm pinky

    you should make the tournamnet between players of same level! just a suggestion

    i thank dusan0072 for my signature
  • firefoxmax225firefoxmax225 Posts: 1
    edited 02.06.2012
    i think the sabotage thing is EPIC i want it to happen let the FIRES SPREAD! >:)
    firefoxmax225 @ usa 1
  • Rainbow77Rainbow77 Posts: 50
    edited 02.06.2012
    Tournaments system could destroy honor ranking system and the could be not honorable.

    High level players with very low honor could benefit and win the tournament destroyng low level players.
    To win a tourment I should lose all my honor attacking low level players and I should attack middle level players with a huge army.
    I don't want to do this. Do you want this?
    Please change the glory and honor system, to find a more honorable system considering level differences.

    I'm rank 1 honor in my server, it's very hard to find targets to get honor and glory and they offten open the doors.
    To be number 1 I won against high level players.
    Rainbow77 @ en 1
  • liontamer2liontamer2 Posts: 26
    edited 02.06.2012
    my 90 guards will really help now...may the odds be ever in my favor
    liontamer @ WWW 2
  • J.I. Joe2J.I. Joe2 Posts: 563
    edited 02.06.2012
    Yeah, same. I should have gotten 120 guards now, but there was no way for us to know this kind of update would happen. At least we've got a lot of guards to prepare for the sabotages.
    I'll start building more guardhouses. Next objective: each outpost at 120 guards.

    To bad the glory tournament will make me lose considerable honor... Because of that, I will not participate.
    J.I. Joe @ International 1
    Valhalla family

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  • WisePrakharWisePrakhar Posts: 125
    edited 04.06.2012
    when exactly will the update will be done.....
    WisePrakhar @ WWW 2
  • DerekDerek Posts: 2
    edited 04.06.2012
    I dont see why you have to lose all your honor in the glory tournements, i alos dont get why high levels with crush low levels becuase they cant get much glory form low levels
    Derek @ WWW 2
  • All About Skill2All About Skill2 Posts: 1
    edited 04.06.2012
    The tournaments are a great idea! Remember it is NOT a tournament for honor but for GLORY. So this will encourage higher level players to fight higher level players as they will only get glory from people with similar or greater levels. Cant wait to see what it is like
    All About Skill @ en 1
  • Rainbow77Rainbow77 Posts: 50
    edited 04.06.2012
    You get glory if you get honor, there are only 30 players which give me honor because I'm too high and some of them are my allies.

    So to find enemies which give glory I need to loose my honor.

    ...and multiaccounts will use 1 account to destroy the others and get free glory.

    GGS needs to work in this.
    Rainbow77 @ en 1
  • DerekDerek Posts: 2
    edited 04.06.2012
    Glory is also strongly based on the amount of soldiers and amount lost, aka a bug battle
    Derek @ WWW 2
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