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Sending coins or rubies



  • pugsley2pugsley2 Posts: 176
    edited 14.06.2012
    i like the idea.. even if COINS only.. ruby's i think they will not allow..

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  • ygrules124ygrules124 Posts: 1
    edited 14.06.2012
    I think you should be able to send coins to people within your alliance.
    And i don't think higher level players would bully lower level players. here's why:
    a. they have better things to do
    b. they already have a lot of money(or population)
    c. They would lose way too much honor and get no glory. Honor is important for the ranking system.
    ygrules124 @ WWW 1
  • Aldreni-WarriorAldreni-Warrior Posts: 153
    edited 14.06.2012
    I'm sure the GGS will not accept the Rubbies Proposation because of Fake Accounts, about Coins its the same with Rubbies, I can give a note:

    Rubbies Proposation, 0.07% Probability
    Coins Proposation, 0,21% Probability

    So, it will be hard for GGS to accept it ;)
    Forget about it ^^
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  • chickenmanchickenman Posts: 2
    edited 14.06.2012
    I like the idea because it would help if you were in an alliance with liek 100000 coins that you could trade. Rubies, NO.
    chickenman @ WWW 2
  • RedknittingRedknitting Posts: 8
    edited 15.06.2012

    I really need to be able to RECEIVE coins, as well as give them...
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  • Dusan007 (generic1)Dusan007 (generic1) Posts: 532
    edited 15.06.2012
    Well this is not a good ide because somebody can make multy accounts so one account is filled up with houses only and so he can send coins to other account , and the other account do not need to waist space for Townhouses because he get all coins he need already lol
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  • AlcraighAlcraigh Posts: 361
    edited 15.06.2012
    Dusan0072 wrote: »
    Well this is not a good ide because somebody can make multy accounts so one account is filled up with houses only and so he can send coins to other account , and the other account do not need to waist space for Townhouses because he get all coins he need already lol

    This is a very good point!
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  • FlyingpigzFlyingpigz Posts: 294
    edited 15.06.2012
    I thought it was a good idea until I heard Alcraigh's response. So I agree to disagree here. Sorry. :/
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  • Jakarta_cityJakarta_city Posts: 89
    edited 15.06.2012
    Bad idea!!!!!!!!!
  • TheChampFloydTheChampFloyd Posts: 61
    edited 15.06.2012
    Guys, I can see that a few of you agree with the idea and a few of you don't. I can also see that MANY of you had no comment on the subject (smart-thinking). Anyways..I have an improvement on the idea. Please look into the thread 'BANKS' and leave you replies.

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  • cheeze-it-guycheeze-it-guy Posts: 955
    edited 15.06.2012
    i dont think so. what happens if you get hacked?
    a person can just take all of your stuff.
    also the game has its glitches, i had market level 2 and i could send 2,500. i thought i was lucky but i was luckier
    i send-ed the market barrow and i received 2,500 and i noticed 1,000 of my stone was gone not 2,500.
    so it will make glitches easier and more likely for the company having to shut down the process.
    so i don't think its a good idea.

    by the way if your looking for a alliance talk to laneras. and she will get you in and started.
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  • Mavs41jkMavs41jk Posts: 12
    edited 18.06.2012
    Mabe you could only send rubys to people when your a certain lvl like 25 because you have to be lvl 25 to donte rubys to your alliance and trading coin should totaly be added
    Mavs41jk @ usa 1
  • Paige TalbotPaige Talbot Posts: 1
    edited 13.07.2012
    I think that it would be a good idea to be able to send coins to only alliance members.
    Paige Talbot @ usa 1
  • naca7naca7 Posts: 82
    edited 13.07.2012
    bad idea
    i completely agree with Jakarta_city
    naca7 @ WWW 1
  • zakeazakea Posts: 12
    edited 16.07.2012
    i think that you should be able to send rubies to other players i dont care when i am attacked it doesnt take that much to repair
    zakea @ en 1
  • Jamjam47Jamjam47 Posts: 3
    edited 16.07.2012
    I think this is a great idea to send coins at least
    Jamjam47 @ WWW 2
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