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Pact chat

AlduinAlduin Posts: 2
It would be great to have a chat that would include alliances wich my alliance has a pact with, since we intend to work together closely, this would really help to get better communication between our alliances.
Alduin @ nl 1
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  • Super spy814Super spy814 Posts: 127
    edited 23.05.2012
    The only pact "chat" is messages
    thronking.pngSuper spy814 @ WWW 1 ∞ LIFE TO ALL LONG LIVE GOODGAME EMPIRE
  • AlduinAlduin Posts: 2
    edited 23.05.2012
    I know, and thats the problem, it greatly hinders communication.
    Alduin @ nl 1
  • jerome132jerome132 Posts: 10
    edited 24.05.2012
    yeah and you should be able to c if the members of the alliance you have a pact with are online
    jerome13 @ WWW 2
  • profprof Posts: 1
    edited 04.06.2012
    I whole heartedly agrre with this... you should have just as much communication and ability to support pact members as you do members of your own alliance... so what do we do?.. stop buying rubies until gg fixes this?
    prof @ en 1
  • king matt IIIking matt III Posts: 286
    edited 12.06.2012
    i agree completly, i mean the idea of a pact is basically an extention of your alliance, just not under your control.
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  • Luke FieryswordLuke Fierysword Posts: 2,290
    edited 14.06.2012
    I agree, communication can be a problem when coordinating attacks with other alliances.
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  • MxnmanMxnman Posts: 129
    edited 14.06.2012
    Yes I agree. We are having to use Skype for better communication between are Allies.
  • RedknittingRedknitting Posts: 8
    edited 15.06.2012
    I think we should be able to see pact's relationships with other groups--then we won't attack our pact's pact. :P

    (sorry if that was irrelavant)
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