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Changelog 30/01/2023

Dear Lords and Ladies,

Today's Update is no exception: we are continuing the process of providing you with incremental improvements that we discussed with the community after the Generals and Skills update. The reward pools for our events are getting hot, stuffed to the gills with newly improved contents for you to enjoy.

The following changes will be made with today's Update:
● We have improved the Season Pass rewards for the Kingdom's League. Each promotion will now give you 50 Sceats and every time an event ends you will also receive 50 Construction and 200 Upgrade tokens.
● We have improved the reward pool (personal & alliance) for the Nomad Invasion, Samurai Invasion, War of the Realms and Bloodcrow events to include new amazing Mystery Boxes, Offerings and further small improvements.
● We have improved the reward pool for the Seasonal Nobility Event and the connected Master Blacksmith shop.
● We have improved the reward pool for the common Bronze, Silver and Gold Mystery Boxes. The ones you are currently holding in stock will automatically be upgraded to this better reward pool. Additionally we added Bronze, Silver and Gold Mystery Boxes of the rarities rare, epic and legendary. Depending on your level, you'll find some of the new Boxes as part of the Reward Pool update for Nomad Invasion, Samurai Invasion, War of the Realms and Bloodcrow.
● A notification will now pop up on your interface when you have a free draw available in the Generals Inn.

We are aware that there are a large number of bugs present and the following list are the ones we have managed to fix. We will continue to tackle these issues over the coming days and hope to be able to report more fixes soon. Resolved Bugs:
● Fixed an issue where vertical lines were visible on the second half of the map
● Fixed an issue where players were able to purchase an open gate while having protection mode active
● Fixed several translation mistakes
● Fixed several visual issues

Within the next few weeks we are also planning to release a rework of the Generals Abilities.

Thank you for your patience while we make these improvements and adjustments.

Best Regards,
Your Empire Family
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