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Changelog 25/01/2023

Dear Lords and Ladies, 


With today's Update we are continuing the process of providing incremental improvements that we discussed with the community after the Generals and Skills update. 


The following changes will be made with today's Update:


You can now no longer send support to Berimond PvE locations such as Towers, Villages and Capitals.
An improved version of Alliance Support is now available. This version will work like this:


  • The defending player castles have a Wall Limit, Player Courtyard Limit and an Alliance Support Unit Limit restricting the amount of units that are able to participate in defending the castle.
  • Units that remain after the Limit is reached act as Reserve Units
    • Reserve units don't take part in the Courtyard fight
    • Reserve units fill up the limits automatically after a fight
  • The defending player can't fill the Alliance Courtyard Limit with their units, while the alliance support units are able to fill all the CY Limits
  • The Alliance Support Units still follow the following conditions:
    • 1st the defending Player Wall Limit will be filled until the limit is reached
    • 2nd the defending Player Courtyard Limit will be filled until the limit is reached
    • 3rd the new Alliance CY Limit will be filled until the limit is reached
    • 4th the remaining Units will be Reserve Units and won't be part of the Yard fight
  • The rules on how the limits are filled also applies for how the units are distributed:
    • The strongest units will first fill the wall limit, then the player Courtyard Limit etc.
    • E.g. If the Alliance support units are stronger than all of the defending player units, the alliance units would fill the wall, and then player Courtyard completely, making all the player units reserve units


We are aware that there are a large number of bugs present and the following list are the ones we have managed to fix. We will continue to tackle these issues over the coming days and hope to be able to report more fixes soon.


Resolved Bugs:

  • Fixed an issue where the Berimond main tent Info did not display the courtyard limit
  • Fixed an issue where the current EMail was displayed cut off in the change Email address dialog
  • Fixed several translation mistakes


Within the next few weeks we are also planning to  release a rework of the Generals Abilities, an improved reward pool for our Samurai Invasion, Nomad Invasion, War of the Realms, Bloodcrow and Kingdoms League events.

Thank you for your patience while we make these improvements and adjustments. 


Best Regards, 

Your Empire Family


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