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Presets & Troop levels

Hi all, I think I speak for many when I  talk about the userbility of the prests, that become useless when you start leveling up troops and or win troops in events and from the aff wheel, and they all have different levels, the problem is the preset only saves a certain level or upgraded level of troop,

 lets use a level 6 shield maiden as an example, or a level 6 ranger, 

if you have a preset with ranged on the flanks, and 30% ranged 70% melee on the middle and there saved as level 6, if you have all diffeent level troops after your small amount of level 6 troops have been used in the preset, it doesnt exactly use the next best level of the same troop, it is just a blank space, we can then use auto fill, but it will put melee troops in the space where ranged was, its a mess.

A way to make this better would be to use the next best level of the same troop, and if they run out compleatly then use the same kind of troop, ie a ranged in a slot where a ranged troop was, 

The idea of a preset is to save time, so I think the preset should then use the next best one of the same troop if you run out, IE use a level 5 range or a level 4 ranged, instead of randomly putting melee in ranged slots and ranged in melee slots, lets make the presets a bit more user friendly, this is kind of an auto fill feature that is part of the preset, its ridiculess the curent set up, we win all different levels from events, and all different levels from the wheel, and your castle could be filled with 6 different power levels of the same troop, that do not follow on in the presets. currently you have to go through each wave and fill in the next best one, this just doesnt work as a preset.

A GOOD idea would be to change this.

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